Board of Directors

Dr. James R. Schoemer

Richard I. Behr, Jr.

Alan Jahde

Mark M. Steele

Robert Woody

Fred Murrell

Ken Goldstone

Deborah Magruder

Karen B Webber


Leadership Team

Chris Spohn
RMCAD President

Neely Patton
Senior VP of Academic Affairs

Daron Rodriguez
Senior VP of Marketing

Robb Fladry
Dean of Students

Marc Abraham
VP of Admissions

Dr. Sage Ann Scheer
Accreditation Liaison Officer


RMCAD's Strategic Plan

This is a plan by and for our diverse college community, and represents months of information gathering, research, analysis, discussion, and careful thought by our many stakeholders. The intent of this plan is to set a vibrant pathway to our future. At RMCAD, we believe that the future of higher education is about change. We know we must always look beyond our beautiful campus and reflect on how the world around us is evolving. Our job is to prepare our students so that they can navigate the complexities of modern life and become effective forces of change in our nation and world.

The 2014-2018 Strategic Plan can be downloaded here.