This graduate-level certificate provides a solid foundation in design thinking and user-oriented problem-solving methods; professional leadership styles and dynamics; motivational strategies; business languages and concepts; and design-business relationships. Students will also be introduced to conceptual strategies, as well as to cognitive and learning theories that lead to successful ideation environments. The program engages students to develop new management and leadership frameworks using a design focus. Students learn strategies for innovating and leading in complex organizations by employing critical thinking, problem-solving, and conceptual skills.
As an online program accessible from anywhere in the world, this certificate is perfect for working professionals seeking to advance in the fields of education or training without leaving their careers. Program highlights include discussions, readings and introspective exercises; an in-depth course in collaboration and the creative design process that focuses on designing for people; observation, documentation and visualization work with a focus on ethnographic research; critical and strategic thinking exercises; and a foundation in writing and presenting.
Business Foundations
ELET 5340 (3 Credits)

This course introduces students to the practices, concepts, and language of business. Students investigate core areas of business management and strategy to develop a better understanding of the relationships between both fields and to develop a comparative framework for future practice. Upon completion of the course students will develop an improved understanding of the relationship between business practices and design concepts and the how they impact business decisions.

Introduction to Sociology
SBS 1150(3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to classical and contemporary views of modern society. Topics include the nature of community, social inequality, class, race, gender, and sexuality. Students engage with theoretical texts and case studies. By the end of the course students have a greater understanding of social forces, movements, and issues and Sociology as a field of study.

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Leadership for Innovation
ELET 5325 (3 Credits)

This course introduces students to professional leadership strategies with a focus on leadership styles, team dynamics, motivational strategies and change management. Theories are investigated to help learners build strong collaboration and effective communication. Emphasis is on understanding new perspectives in leadership and business based on self-awareness, diversity, and engagement and motivation theories for facilitating change in practice and in thought process. Upon completion of the course, students will understand leadership as a component of organizational culture as it forms their own personal leadership styles.

Your Future
The program is ideally suited to professionals at all levels in the creative, design, business, educational, and entrepreneurial fields who wish to enhance their skills by learning and applying design thinking and user-centered methodologies and principles.
Possible Careers
  • Design Strategist
  • User Experience Designer
  • Design Manager
  • Business Designer
  • Innovation Marketer
  • Design Project Manager
  • Strategy Director
  • Business Strategist