This graduate-level certificate provides a solid foundation in digital learning environments and educational theories, as well as a comprehensive introduction to motivational leadership strategies. The robust curriculum comprising the Education, Leadership + Emerging Technologies program equips students to leverage current learning theory and the latest emerging technologies to more effectively lead, engage, teach, and communicate with others. By integrating innovative methods and cutting-edge technologies into the curriculum, the certificate produces graduates who are prepared to lead at any level in education or training.

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This program is conducted entirely online, so working adults can more easily balance their educational goals with their busy schedules. Accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet, this certificate program is perfect for working professionals seeking to advance in the fields of education or training without leaving their careers. The graduate-level certificate in Investigations in Learning + Leadership will make use of the existing RMCAD Learning Management System (LMS), a best-in-class educational platform that features primarily asynchronous learning experiences. More scheduled learning experiences are also used within specific courses as needed in order to meet educational requirements and build upon collaborative learning foundations.
Investigating Learning Environments
ELET 5900 (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to graduate level research through the identification of credible sources, reviews of literature, and investigations of relevant issues for critical analysis. Through the development of introductory research processes and writing, students develop preliminary research questions to guide further investigation into the impact of technology and media on learning environments. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to effectively research a topic of personal and academic relevance to education.

Leadership and Motivation
ELET 5140 (3 Credits)

This course investigates and compares intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to support and enhance learning. Activities include the use of motivational frameworks and plans for instructional methods and media for classroom education, e-learning environments and/or training. Students are also introduced to the concepts and methods of assessment and critique as part of authentic motivation to learn.

Understanding Learning Theories for Education
ELET 5120 (3 Credits)

This course provides students with an introduction to learning theories as they relate to cognition and developmental meaning. A variety of theoretical constructs are studied to address meaningful connections and diverse learning styles. Conceptual frameworks are explored for engaging children and adult learners using appropriate methodologies. Students apply knowledge of learning theory to the practical application of media-based instructional development in their personal and professional environments. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to incorporate knowledge of learning theories in learning environments.

Visual Literacy Through Digital Investigations
ELET 5100(3 Credits)

This graduate course provides students with the practical application of media tools and web applications and their impact on communication and learning communities, with a focus is an integration of understanding media through a critical lens. Students investigate techniques and capabilities of software programs and web applications within the context of composition theory for education and instructional planning. Throughout this course, students will create educational media as part of sequential, planned curriculum integration.

Your Future
The program is ideally suited to professionals at all levels who wish to learn more about technology integration, educational theory, leadership motivation, and education research. In particular, students with an interest in K-12 education, higher education, corporate training, and leadership will find this hands-on program pivotal in reaching their career goals.
Possible Careers
  • District Education Coordinator
  • Technical Education Trainer
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Educational Consultant
  • Higher Education Technology Analyst
  • Instructional Technologist
  • Instructional Designer
  • Media Specialist