RMCAD to Host Colorado Cutthroat Connection's Fighter Frenzy!

Saturday, Jun 8th to Sunday, Jun 9th

RMCAD, Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3) and the National Video Game Association (NVGA) is proud to announce the continuation of the Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour with the Fighter Frenzy at RMCAD on June 8th and 9th, 2013.

The Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour will feature:

  • Tournament play in games such as Injustice, HALO 4, Super Street Fighter 4:AE, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter X Tekken, Call of Duty: Black Ops and more..
  • A StarCity IQ giving away $300 in cash and prizes to the top winners in Magic: The Gathering
  • A chance to win a free pass to the Elite IQ at CutthroatCon Free and paid side events for Magic: The Gathering
  • Casual play in games such as Dance Central 3, Sports Champions 2 and more
  • Featuring the great Rock Band setup of Death of the Arcade Entertainment
  • Game developers from all over Colorado
  • Tons of prizes and giveaways to everyone that attends
  • Outside activities such as Frisbie Golf, Sumo Suit Wrestling and much moreMake sure you check out our entire game roster here as all these games will be available to play for casual play. From livestreaming, raffles, and more the Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour at RMCAD will be the best event yet so don’t miss out.

Also, as a special benefit to all attendees, the following panel workshops will be provided FREE of charge:

Story Development and Pre-Production

In this introductory workshop you will learn about how stories are developed and how that story is transformed into images used as reference in the production of animated films. By the end of this workshop you will be familiar with the story process as well as the basics of creating a storyboard.

The Production Process

In this workshop you will learn the basics of several of the software packages that are used to make animated films and video games. By the end of this workshop you will have a basic understanding about 3d modeling and animation software.

The Post-Production Process

In this workshop you will learn about the process of compositing and editing. After the animated film is rendered it is typically imported into video software for finalization. This involves adding effects as well as sound design. By the end of this workshop you will have the basic knowledge of Audio and Video editing software as well as a basic understanding about compositing.

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Cost to attend:

Free for all RMCAD Students who are enrolled in the current 2013 year
Pre-registration: $25 (includes receiving a free C3 Playstation 3 theme)
Door: $30

Pre-Registration is open now and closes June 3rd, 2013.