Amande In, It Will Not Be The Same Without You

Philip J. Steele Gallery

Thursday, May 16th to Thursday, Jul 18th
IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU is the first US exhibition of French artist, AMANDE IN. The exhibition centers on two works that are pivotal to the artist’s career, A New Perspective for Perspective and Trill. These works involve the transition of materials while playing between conventional art cannons. A New Perspective for Perspective is a work that contradicts traditional ways of speaking about painting. All at once this work is a performance, sculpture, and painting. Trill, titled after the common slang for ‘too real,’ is a work composed of materials that hold both abstract and literal messages. The work primarily makes reference to the landscape and the body. The blue line on the central wall acts as a horizon and also transforms the wall into a sculptural object. Glass “stars” create a constellation across the gallery while the shape cheekily nods to female genitalia. The black circles lined across the gallery wall are reminiscent of moons and the material makes them unavoidably visceral. The most intrusive aspect of the exhibition is the invisible yet unavoidable sent of household products. Throughout the exhibition the artist pulls sensual and formal relationships from raw materials by doing this opens up unexpected aesthetic experience. In this exhibition the immaterial and material coalesce with the sensual and imagined. The real and unreal, the pres¬ent and absent collide in works that both play within and defy category. As the exhibition title proclaims, IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU relies on the viewer’s presence and life experience to contextualize the work.