Ashley Raine and Kelly Eden, Hammered

Alumni Gallery

Monday, May 19th to Thursday, Sep 4th

Ashley Raine and Kelly Eden
May 19 - September 4, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 22, 6-8 p.m.

Alumni Gallery
Gallery Hours: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Saturday

The Exhibition:
Raine’s work in Hammered uses a combination of classical painting techniques and the use of construction nails to create a fusion of tradition and modernity. The work captures the beauty hidden in the most grotesque of subjects and reveals society’s romanticism of the horrible and fearful.

In past generations, monsters and mythical creatures were portrayed as being dangerous and evil. Today, frightening things are beautified and twisted so they seem desirable instead of scary. Raine draws from her own fears of monsters and the sea for inspiration and crafts work out of roofing and finishing nails driven directly into the painting. The sheer brutality of driving nails into each piece is a representation not only of annihilating fears, but also making something exquisite. The materials themselves become the conveyor of the idea.

Eden’s work, which will be featured in the gallery’s south alcove, features hyperrealistic oil portraits.

About the Artists:

Ashley Raine
Ashley Raine is a Colorado-based sculptor and oil painter who specializes in classical figure painting and sculptures created out of construction nails. Raine has focused on murals and commissioned portrait work while developing her own business and traveling. She attended Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and Metropolitan State University of Colorado.

Kelly Eden
Kelly Eden specializes in hyperrealism and oil painting. Originally from Colorado, Eden has worked as a tattoo artist, model and makeup artist all while pursing her painting career. Eden’s passion for art began at a young age while attending the Denver School of the Arts, a prestigious arts high school in Colorado. She graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2010.

At top: Detail, Ashley Raine, Hammered, courtesy of the artist. At right: Detail, Kelly Eden, At Eternity's Gate, courtesy of the artist.