Barry Anderson, Humberto Duque, Whitney Lynn, Brett Day Windham, THE TEMPORARY INSTITUTE OF EMANCIPATED OBJECTS

Philip J. Steele Gallery

Thursday, Jan 10th to Sunday, Feb 10th
The Institute was in existence for 7,200 minutes beginning on January 10, 2013. The Institute engaged in exploratory research with everyday objects using methods such as the readymade, appropriation, and subversion of expectations. The object-oriented works housed in the Institute’s temporary archive served as articulations of disruption as well as a collapsing of the ground on which we stand. Our esteemed advocates on the methods of object emancipation were Barry Anderson, Humberto Duque, Whitney Lynn, and Brett Day Windham. Anderson’s nonlinear animations present an unsettling surveillance of the landscape of advertising objects around us, while Windham’s flotsam from the streets of New York City become freed from their discarded fate and reworked into talismanic structures. Lynn’s sculptures highlight psychological barriers present in everyday objects, anticipating a heterogeneous liberty, and likewise, Duque’s manipulation of our assumptions regarding materials serves to rupture our homogenous interaction with manufactured materials. Works shown courtesy of the artist and their galleries. Photography: Sara Ford