Christina Shurts, Here, Now and Then

Philip J. Steele Gallery

Thursday, Jan 9th to Wednesday, Jan 29th
The exhibition entitled Here, Now and Then featured seven paintings by California-based artist Christina Shurts. Through painting, Shurts accesses a self-made trove of images from memory, including relics from her childhood, personal and found photographs, and real and imagined home décor magazines, creating paintings that exude nostalgia. By transforming familiar places of relaxation and luxury, such as tree houses, seaside amusement parks, oceanfront boardwalks, and long-deserted vacation cottages and resorts, Shurts creates alternate realities, which are fantastical and unsettling yet firmly grounded in the vocabulary of painting. Shurts’ background as an athlete can be seen in the way she attacks canvases with large gestures, an immense vocabulary of brushstrokes, and blocks of washed colors. Painting is for Shurts a dynamic filtering of the past through action in the present. Works shown courtesy of RARE Gallery and the artist. Photography: Sara Ford