Gretchen Marie Schaefer, An Attempt at Delineation

Rude Gallery

Thursday, Jan 10th to Saturday, Feb 16th
Schaefer 's installation is composed of several graphite drawings connected by neon green string. The installation reacts to the Rude Gallery space by physically connecting, with string, the light that comes through the building’s main window to the artworks within the gallery space. Schaefer’s work evokes a betweenenss of sorts through highlighting tensions between the “manufactured” and “real” and the “toxic” and “benign.” She explains that she wants “the work to exist and balance in the unanchored moment between fixed, opposing categories. I try to leave the observer in the tentative, humming space between two poles, by providing beginning points of recognizable forms (hair, bone, teeth, wood) but never fully completing the identification. This unsettled space is a constantly moving target, and the work is an ongoing attempt to exist in that delicate place.” Most of Schaefer’s work investigates relationships between the macro and micro, internal and external, and the organic and synthetic. It is precisely her investigation into exchange between the concepts of relationship and difference that create a great tension in her work, both psychologically and formally. Works shown courtesy of the artist. Photography: Sara Ford