Nathan Ritterpusch, Night is Dark

Philip J. Steele Gallery

Thursday, Jan 9th to Wednesday, Jan 29th
The Night is Dark features six paintings by New York-based artist, Nathan Ritterpusch. The intense chiaroscuro found in Ritterpusch’s paintings highlights a dark cinematic tone reminiscent of film noir and Dutch master works. Ritterpusch’s compositions emphasize mystery and intrigue with arrested moments often painted as voyeuristic glimpses into a larger untold narrative. Influenced by filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch, these artworks reveal a level of darkness in human nature in the close-up views of pained faces or by the isolation of the subject forecasting an ominous future action. Ritterpusch’s paintings are first composed as staged photo shoots; in these shoots he captures moments when his subjects appear to be consumed by their emotions. Furthermore, his attraction to the relationship between the still image and moving image can be seen in the intentional destabilization of his imagery through the use of slight blurring,jitter, or pixelation in some works. Shrouded in untold drama, emotional and physical darkness, and forceful sentiment, Ritterpusch’s work ultimately leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. Works shown courtesy of RARE Gallery and the artist. Photography: Sara Ford