Can I really learn art and design online?

Absolutely! Our state-of-the-art online learning platform was built from the ground up, with a focus on the online learning styles that are unique to art and design. Through innovative techniques, such as high definition video demonstrations and interactive peer reviews, online students receive the same quality art and design education as on-campus students.

Can I complete an entire degree program online?

Yes. Our online students earn the same fully accredited BFA, BA, or MA degree from RMCAD that traditional, on-campus students earn.

What class materials will I need, and where will I purchase them?

Students will need to buy various art supplies, books, hardware and software, and the required materials vary by program. Specific technology requirements are outlined for each program here. Students can buy their books through the RMCAD bookstore, and any miscellaneous supplies from an art supplier or in pre-made kits from

Are online classes held at specific times?

No, our online classes are asynchronous and can be completed according to your own schedule. From time to time, however, the Instructor may host some live sessions that require you to be online at a specific time. These sessions exist to help build the classroom community and enhance your overall experience. These sessions will not be required, but they will be recorded and available in the online classroom in case you missed them and want to participate.

Are there attendance/participation requirements?

Yes. Participation requirements vary by course and may include a peer-to-peer critique element, discussion board element, presentation element, and more.

How many times per week do I need to log in to earn credit for being present?

Credit is not given based on the number of times you log in, but rather on the quality of work you submit. Logging in several times per week is encouraged in order to be successful online and to ensure the quality of your work. Students who excel at RMCAD tend to log in daily.

How will I be graded?

Every class uses a rubric to keep grading consistent and fair. Use the rubric yourself to create your assignments and to ensure you have included all the required elements. Grades are submitted on a basic grade scale of A through F.

How do I submit homework?

Homework is submitted primarily online, although some assignments may require you to mail materials to your Instructor. The Student Orientation course will show you how to submit assignments online and give you a chance to practice before your first course. The online programs require a camera and scanner to aid in submitting assignments. Some assignments will require you to submit a photo of your work or scan it into an electronic file before submitting.

Are there group projects?

Group assignments vary by class, but some courses will have group components. Teamwork is an essential part of the RMCAD learning experience, and it helps prepare you to take on projects in the professional world.

Can I contact my instructors if I need help?

Yes, there are many ways to contact your Instructors. You can email them, call them, and chat with them through text or video. Or, if you are in the local area, you can visit the campus and meet your professors face-to-face.

Can I get academic help or tutoring with my online classes?

Yes. Your success is very important to RMCAD, and as such, we offer several resources for students seeking support. You can schedule one-on-one time with our on-campus tutors, who can meet with you via phone or video, or you can work with our 24/7 tutoring center for assistance with math and writing work.

Will I have access to the library?

Yes. Our online library gives you access to hundred of books, journals, and other online resources to help you during the course of your studies.

Can I transfer from online to on-campus programs?

Yes, but your tuition rates will change to reflect the current on-campus rates.

What is the tuition for online degree programs?

The tuition for online programs is determined by credit hour and varies by program. 3D Animation, Graphic Design, and Illustration are $540 per credit hour; there are a total of 123 credit hours in each of those programs. Interior Design is $525 per credit hour; there are a total of 125 credit hours in the Interior Design program.

Still have questions? Contact an Admissions Counselor for more information.