5 Reasons Why You Need the RMCAD Mobile App

Being a college student can be tough. When it comes to making friends, staying on top of schoolwork and knowing when the next big event is on campus is a lot to juggle. Thankfully for RMCAD students, that part of life can get much easier than you realize! Our RMCAD mobile app is your one-stop resource for everything you need to thrive as a college student. Here are five reasons why you should download the RMCAD mobile app:

1. RMCAD Events
Making artwork, friends and memories is part of the ultimate RMCAD experience. It’s important to attend events because that’s where you will meet people, network and grow as a young college student. We have events exclusive to RMCAD students along with others that bring in people from all over Denver. There is no shortage of events at RMCAD and the mobile app is where you can stay up to date on all of them. Most importantly, our events tie in perfectly with earning RMCAD Rewards!

2. RMCAD Rewards
Imagine earning valuable prizes all for being a regular college kid – that’s what you get with RMCAD Rewards! By attending RMCAD events, you accumulate points that can be redeemed for art supplies, electronics and much more. By using the RMCAD mobile app, you can check into each event you attend. By the time you graduate, you will be decked out in prizes!

3. Connect with your peers
The RMCAD mobile app has a feature where you can talk in an open forum that is exclusive to the RMCAD community. This consists of faculty, staff and students that are just like you! Whether it’s a dank meme you just made for fun or a recent school assignment, the student feed is where you can openly exchange ideas with your peers. Have fun with it!

4. Check your schoolwork
Using your laptop or tablet is practical as a creative, but in a society that is always on the go, it can be a pain to use when you are looking for a quick answer. The RMCAD mobile app allows you to quickly login to the learning management system (LMS) so you can check your grades and feedback from professors. You can also check your student portal in the app.

5. Get the answers you need
Nearly every department at RMCAD uses the app to connect with students. That ranges from academic advising, instructors and program chairs, IT support, financial aid and much more! It isn’t always easy to get answers at the college level, but our mobile app makes it easy for you to get the answers you need.

Using the RMCAD mobile app has a countless number of benefits to your student experience. A lot of these perks also apply to staff and faculty. Click here to download the app and get started!


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