“COVID in Color” Coloring Book

During the Summer A term, RMCAD SGA and RMCAD AIGA Student Group announced its Quarantine Zine Coloring Book Challenge. Each week there were different prompt themes and artists were encouraged to submit their black and white line drawings to be included in a finished coloring book. The prompts varied from “Toilet Paper Toils” to “What You See from Your Window” to “Separate Together” and more. 

After compiling submissions, the RMCAD COVID in Color coloring book is now complete! The coloring book features quarantine inspired drawings from 9 participating artists, which are intended to be colored, tagged, and shared using the hashtag #RMCADCOVIDINCOLOR. The digital copy is available to all of the RMCAD community that would like to print the drawings they want to color. A print copy can be purchased on Amazon for those that want a more traditional coloring book experience. 

Download RMCAD COVID in Color Here!

Shoutout to the contributing artists: Melissa Casaus, Bob Felderman, Mikayla Gunnoe, Kimberly “Nick” Gutierrez*, Kathryn Lichlyter, Jim Reiman, Brianne Rodriguez, Phoebe Witter, & Denise “Vamp” Zubizarreta

*No profit is being made from the printed copy. The cost reflects the cost of printing and Amazon’s commission.*


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