RMCAD enhances the college student experience during COVID-19 with Blended+ format

LAKEWOOD, Colo., – Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) is giving its students a quality college experience for the fall semester through its new Blended+ format. 

Blended+ is a combination of online and on-campus students where programs, such as Photography, are able to access on-campus resources. Going this route will allow students to continue developing their skills in a safe environment. What separates RMCAD from other colleges in Colorado is that RMCAD is art and design-focused where students need hands-on training and access to resources in order to improve.

Professors and students will be planning their schedules through a sign-up sheet where they can meet, create and deliver according to their class schedules. Fashion Design student, Amaya Leverette says that learning in the Blended format the past few months has given her a fresh perspective on education, “we are taught to understand sustainability and to make do with the supplies we can come up with, and this pandemic was an informational book that we all are writing. Time for working for yourself and on yourself is what the Blended experience has created for me. This may be the new normal and I am ready to face it – six feet apart and with my mask on of course!”

Leverette continues to be positive by focusing on the opportunities in this Blended atmosphere, “being remote has given me more opportunities for trial and error and trial again. As a fashion creative, I have had more time to create a game plan for my goals and build the brand behind my name.”

The artist made the decision to attend Colorado’s only art college after making a field trip to RMCAD in high school. Leverette says once she saw the resources we offer, such as our sewing lab, she knew RMCAD was the right place for her. 

The college in Lakewood has invested thousands to assure the safety of its community while following local, state and federal guidelines. There is plexiglass setup in common areas to limit contact, classrooms re-arranged for social distancing, mandatory temperature kiosks at every entrance and designated traffic patterns to name a few of the improvements. In addition, the college has invested in more staffing so each classroom and resource are given a deep clean between each time they get used. Click here for up-to-date information on how RMCAD is keeping its community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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