What RMCAD’s COVID-19 Response Means for Students: FAQ’s

With the global public health situation surrounding COVID-19, RMCAD has taken proactive measures to limit the risk of exposure. There are no confirmed cases on our campus at this time. As of Monday, March 16, 2020, all students have made the transition from on-ground to online until the end of the Summer A term on June 26, 2020. This is to be a seamless transition, with no difference in course content, assignments, discussions, etc. As with any change in modality, there may be discomfort before settling into a new learning style. Our hope is to provide answers to questions that students have about the transition, along with resources and points of contact to help you through this time. 

What can I expect the transition to be like from on-ground to online?

The campus courses that have been converted to online are NOT our traditional online courses. However, RMCAD has been a leader in online arts and design education since 2009. (We’re actually helping other schools at this time to help them with their transition). All courses will adhere to the course description, learning outcomes, contact hours, and attendance. Instructors will continue with courses, meeting its course description and course learning outcomes. Each week you can expect course content, assignments, and discussions to proceed on our LMS. Attendance in online courses is still required, so please ensure you are reading the course syllabus to familiarize yourself with course policies and attendance. Attendance is required and recorded each day the campus class was scheduled to meet. RMCAD has made accommodations to align this online experience with the campus learning environment as much as possible with both synchronous and asynchronous options. You should have received an individual welcome message from your program chair detailing the specific adjustments for your unique program.  

What does the transition from on-ground to online mean for tuition?

Tuition will not adjust at RMCAD at this time for a few reasons. RMCAD has absorbed numerous costs repurposing curriculum from an on-ground to an online modality. We’ve employed additional resources in the process to support transitioning students. Furthermore, we’ve hired additional staff to support students with tutoring to ensure continuous academic success. We are doing everything possible to mirror the campus experience online. Each course is being evaluated individually to accommodate specific needs for their unique program. Courses that were previously offered online will continue as normal. Classes that may not usually be offered online are being managed with a hybrid approach that makes sense for the student. 

What if I’m not entirely comfortable learning online?

While this is a unique situation, RMCAD has been offering successful online courses since 2009. Our goal is to help students on the course to graduation. 

Academic Advisors will be contacting students individually to offer support to those who have not taken an online class before. 

The SLC is readily available to assist with online learning and can be contacted by emailing slc@rmcad.edu or by calling 303-225-8605. Online appointments can also be self-scheduled by following these instructions. Each course will have an embedded tutor from the Student Learning Center (SLC). 

What does this mean for Graduation in May? 

Updated March 24, 2020: Unfortunately our May 1, 2020 Graduation ceremony has been postponed. Graduates will have the opportunity to walk at our next graduation ceremony. This will not delay your graduation date. You will receive your diploma from the Registrar’s office approximately 6 weeks after final grades are in for your final term.

How will students claim their Title IV stipends?

Students who require a Title IV stipend should contact Vicki Mann at vmann@rmcad.edu.

What does this mean for work-study students?

Students should contact their hiring managers. Remote employment opportunities may be possible. If remote work is not possible, students will continue to be paid Federal work-study wages during the closure as long as the closure occurred after the beginning of the term, the institution is continuing to pay its other employees (including faculty and staff) and the institution continues to meet its institutional wage share requirement.

How will RMCAD support students earn credit for internships?

Students should contact their program chairs, who will work individually to accommodate this.

How will students access technologies that are typically offered on campus? 

TECHBAR has secured a limited number of laptops that are available for loan during this time. As for software programs, there should be no change, as RMCAD students are given access when they start taking their classes. Please contact TECHBAR at techbar@rmcad.edu if you’d like to request a laptop. 

What is the best way to get in touch with my Academic Advisor?

Advisors are taking calls with urgency and will respond as soon as possible. If you call your advisor and are unable to get in touch, they’re likely on another call. Please leave a message and they will respond promptly.

Holly Bees – hbees@rmcad.edu – 303-567-7275 (Art Education, Animation, Game Art, Interior Design)

Blake Ballard – bballard@rmcad.edu – 303-567-7297 (Graphic Design, Illustrative Design, Photography, Illustration, Fine Arts)

At RMCAD, we have two priorities- 1.) to protect the health of our students and minimize the spread of this virus throughout the community and 2.) to maintain a strong academic experience and keep students on-track. We will continue to monitor this evolving situation and keep the community informed as to the latest developments that may impact the college.

Download the RMCAD APP, and continue to check our COVID-19 Resource page for ongoing updates, announcements, and resources.


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