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Photo of a sculptor working on the bust of a man
February 20, 2019

What We Can Learn From Classical Sculpture

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When you walk into a Figurative Sculpture class at RMCAD, you’ll see students from a variety of degree programs, from Illustration and Fine Arts, to Game Art and Animation. Learning a timeless technique is reason enough to make this...

A photographer and subject in a studio opposite an artist drawing on a tablet
February 6, 2019

Inside RMCAD’s Living Gallery

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During the month of January, Philip J. Steele Gallery became a working studio space for four RMCAD faculty members. From January 17 – 31, James Reiman, Scott Wakefield, Jessica Elliott, and Bruce Mackh became a part of the...

three drawn works: a nude woman reclined her garments forming tsunami in traditional japanese style, a boy and monkey carrying coconuts in a basket on a pier, and a young girl covering her face with a demonic monkey on her back pulling her hair.
November 16, 2018

Here Are Your 2018 Red Shoe Award Winners

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On November 9, 2018, RMCAD’s Illustration Department celebrated its inaugural Red Shoe Awards event. Students submitted work to be considered for an exhibition in Rotunda Gallery, as well as a juried competition. Nine awards were...

three young women gathered around a laptop
October 10, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About RMCAD’s FabLab


You may have heard the buzz about RMCAD’s new FabLab. If you haven’t checked it out yet (spoiler: you should), you may have a few questions, like “what tools are available?” or “how do I get access to the space?” or “what even is a...