“EMDT is great because it combines teaching methodologies and how to integrate art and design in the classroom”

LAKEWOOD, Colo., – Charbel Bousraih joins the RMCAD community with a diverse background. The father of two, agency consultant and entrepreneur was born in Lebanon and raised in Kuwait, where he would eventually relocate to America and earn his BFA degree in Advertising Design. As Bousraih continued to grow in his career, he opened his own agency that focused on branding and digital media. This past year, Bousraih decided to take his education and professional skill set to the next level by enrolling in our Education Media Design + Technology (EMDT) program. Bousraih shares his perspective behind why he loves teaching and what he is gaining out of the program:

What makes you passionate about teaching?
Simply put, it’s very rewarding to share years of experience with students in colleges and universities who are simply hungry to learn. They’re also artists. Having been to art school myself and learned a lot of theories in classrooms after which had so many years with hands on experience in advertising with so many stories to tell they find it a breath of fresh air, theory versus practice resonates with them and they absolutely love it. I must add to my initial statement about rewarding, during my agency days at Saatchi’s and as a Creative Director I was lucky to be approached by a leading University department of Design in Beirut for a chance to teach the senior class in the advertising department. I taught for a full semester before I was offered an opportunity with another agency in another country. I got hooked to academia and thought one day I’d go that direction. 

I was researching colleges and university programs that are great in Arts and Design and which combines education with our creative field and if possible- although not necessary – offer some sort of certification. I also liked the fact that it’s not a very long program. RMCAD also was highly recommended to me by couple of friends familiar with the school.

Why did you decide to pursue Education Media Design + Technology
EMDT is great because it combines teaching methodologies and how to integrate art and design in the classroom. Moreover, I liked the courses involved where I thought I do need to immerse myself again with some basic artistic learning programs and software that will not only help me but also learners would love to use.

What have you gained so far by pursuing EMDT?
To be honest, A lot. To me, it’s right brain meets left brain. Being an artist, I needed to strengthen my organizational planning to better improve myself. I used to think teaching is easy, I mean that in a positive way. In a sense I wasn’t aware there are methodologies that make sure of learning effectiveness and information retention. Like now I do think back and compare between how much I know after 3 semesters into my EMDT program and my short stint back then teaching at The University of the Holy Spirit in Beirut. Back then I would just share what I learned in my Art Center College of Design classroom sessions, along with my advertising agency daily experience doing Client’s work whether print or TV campaigns. By the way things were much simpler, no mobile technology nor social media frenzy back then. I’m talking about 1995. Not to mention my Classmates who are already educators and working professionals, being involved with them on a weekly basis, reading their journals and listening to their feedback is all about learning indirectly from them and their experiences, and I’m thankful for that!

How is a degree like this going to help you in the future?
Besides the higher education recognition and from an Educational entity as RMCAD, I am sure it’s a great investment and asset. Nowadays and as we all know bachelor’s degree isn’t always enough, although I was told by professionals that my 25 years plus hands-on experience in the creative industry is quite impressive and I can actually teach. However, this isn’t enough, I’m always hungry to learn new things, the world evolves every day. We wake up every morning with a new beginning, new invention, new method, new way of doing things. We just cannot sit back and fall behind. Besides the fact that higher education institutions, colleges and University level educators require to have master’s degrees in order to join the faculty. 

Tell us how this is going to help you with instructional design and/or teaching…
Having joined the EMDT Master’s program, it’s crucial to get myself up to date with the best methodologies, technologies and systems that will help me achieve my objectives. That is to provide my future students world-class Education in Art and Design.

Based on your experience, what’s your advice to other educators who are considering getting their Master’s Degree?
My recommendation to educators is definitely seek that higher degree, bachelors in anything isn’t everything. Our world is evolving daily so should we individually. Look for a specialization and update your information and improve your know-how. Objectively speaking Education Media Design and Technology Master’s degree is excellent to gain, diversified and carefully well-selected courses will get you ready to take on generations to come.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I can’t wait to complete my EMDT Program and graduate with Master’s degree from RMCAD and to become an educator who contributes in making a difference in people’s lives.

Learn more about our Education Media Design + Technology program and get in touch with one of our admissions counselors about upcoming start dates for the program here.