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david mesple

David Mesple, ABD

David is from San Francisco, CA but currently resides in Berthoud, CO. He holds a Master of Arts and 84 doctoral credits from Texas Tech University. He specializes in drawing, painting, sculpture, audio video, and digital art. His teaching philosophy is: “We meet in the classroom as equals with different experiences. You will learn from my experiences and I will learn from yours. There is no hierarchy.”

David is proud of his involvement in creating and developing the RMCAD Renew Program, which allows graduates to return to learn new skills in their major. When not teaching, David builds high-end electric guitars and researches the psychology of creativity.

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:
David has work exhibited nationally in public museums. He is published in Academia “Board # 157 : Using a Museum Exhibit as a Pedagogical Tool for Developing Reflective Engineers.” He was a keynote speaker during International Engineers Week at Case Western Reserve University. He was a presenter at the International Conference on Creativity, S. Oregon University, and also at the International Animation Conference, Canterbury, UK. He is a recipient of the Grumbacher Gold Medal for Watercolor Painting and a recipient of grants from Canon, USA and the Xerox Foundation.

Course Credentialing
ART 1140 – Painting I, ART 1170 – Sculpture I, ART 2100 Professional Practice Survey: Voice + Vision (formerly ART 2000 – Fine Arts Sophomore Portfolio Review), ART 2240 – Painting II, ART 2270 – Sculpture II, ART 2400 – Form + Content, ART 3240 – Painting III, ART 3270 – Sculpture III, ART 3301 – Special Topics in Fine Arts, ART 3500 – Experimental Studies, ART 3601 – Fine Arts Internship Part I, ART 3602 – Fine Arts Internship Part II, ART 4740 – Painting Advanced Studio, ART 4770 – Sculpture Advanced Studio, ART 4803 – Senior Studio I, ART 4804 – Senior Studio II, FD 1020 – 2D Design: Elements + Principles, FD 1120 – Topics in Color, FD 1235 – Observational Drawing, FD 1370 – Life Drawing I , FD 1380 – Life Drawing II, FD 1600 – Studio Seminar: Methods of Inquiry, FD 2130 – 3D Design: Space + Materiality, FD 2510 – Special Topics

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