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heidi landis

Heidi Landis, MFA

Heidi Landis is an emerging digital artist, creative director, and educator. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from West Virginia University and her MFA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver. Heidi has over 20 years of experience in art direction, branding, creative strategy, digital design, and social media marketing. As a creative vet with an award-winning portfolio, she’s developed brand experiences and client-focused design solutions with organizations spanning the industry spectrum – agriculture, apparel, architecture, education, energy, entertainment, healthcare, housing, non-profit, real estate, recreation, tourism, and wellness. As an artist, Heidi creates work that encourages social engagement. She stimulates the exchange of ideas and the strengthening of interpersonal relationships through creative campaigns, digital technology artifacts, and thoughtful open space environments. Her public-spirited work is often a catalyst for positive interaction and social change.

Course Credentialing

GD 1000 – Typography, GD 2000 – Graphic Design Sophomore Portfolio Review, GD 2100 – Layout Design, GD 2210 – Vector Illustration, GD 2220 – Raster Image Processing, GD 2410 – Information Visualization, GD 2510 – Sign + Symbol, GD 3000A – Graphic Design Junior Portfolio Review, GD 3040 – Design Systems, GD 3105 – User Prototyping, GD 3115 – Web Design I, GD 3120 – Visual Sequencing, GD 3240 – Motion Design I, GD 3440 – Experimental Typography, GD 3470 – 3D Packaging, GD 3601 – Graphic Design Internship Part I, GD 3602 – Graphic Design Internship Part II, GD 3900 – Special Topics in Graphic Design, GD 3985 – Professional Practices in Graphic Design, GD 4020 – Experience Design, GD 4240 – Motion Design II, GD 4410 – Environmental Graphic Design, GD 4900 – Graphic Design BFA Capstone I, GD 4950 – Graphic Design BFA Capstone II.

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