Tom Keefe

Thomas Keefe, EdD

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts

Dr. Keefe holds a BA in History from St. Joseph’s University, an MA in Diplomacy from Norwich University, a MA in Integrated Social Studies from Miami University, and an EdD in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Keefe’s research focuses on pedagogy and leadership, genocide education, and identity construction. He is a member of the Colorado JD1 Judicial Performance Commission, and a past recipient of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Award for Congressional Interns. His recent publications include “Race, Identity, and Choice: Black Voices on Liberia and the American Colonization Society” in The African American Experience: From Slavery to Liberation, “Using Art to Trigger Memory, Intergenerational Learning, and Community” in the International Journal of Lifelong Learning in Art Education and “Not All ‘Fake News’ Is Equal: How Should Higher Education Respond to Fake News and in the post-Truth Era” in The Liminal: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology in Education.

Course Credentialing

Introduction to Political Science, Introduction to World Religion, Modern + Contemporary World History, World Thought I, World Thought II.

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