FAQ’s for Our Fall Return to Campus

Update: On Monday, August 3, 2020, RMCAD decided to delay fully reopening through the Fall A term. Instead, we will offer online instruction paired with increased on-campus resource access by appointment through a Blended+ learning environment. Click here to learn more.

RMCAD’s campus will officially reopen for modified in-person instruction on August 31, 2020, the start of our Fall A term.

The RMCAD COVID-19 Task Force has developed a plan, supported by specific policies and protocols, to guide our behaviors and prioritize the health, wellness, and safety of our community.

To prepare yourself, please thoroughly read the key elements of the Fall plan below. If you still have questions, join our student Q+A session on June 10 at 11:45 a.m.


Face coverings will be required on campus (private offices exempt), and we will provide supplementary masks and gloves to those in need.

Mask dispensers will be positioned around campus for easy access. If you are unable to find a dispenser, the front desk or the library will be able to assist you. If you need gloves for specific work, your instructor will provide them. Hand sanitizer will also be available at the front desk and throughout campus.

Prior to campus reopening, a new Code of Conduct related to COVID-19 will be posted that all community members are required to follow. Directions on what to do in these situations will be outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Everyone’s temperature will be taken upon entering campus facilities. Because of this precaution, you may need to arrive earlier than usual to get to your classes and work on time. Additional instructions will be provided closer to the Fall start date. If you arrive on campus and do show symptoms or have a  temperature above the acceptable limit, you will be provided with protocol for next steps.

If you are high-risk, live with someone who is high-risk, or may need some flexibility due to childcare or child’s school-related issues, you should request an accommodation. More information about this process is forthcoming.

The Facilities team is currently in process of modifying the campus to minimize health and wellness risks to students and staff for the fall return. New sanitization procedures are in place for all campus spaces as well as campus equipment and technology. Ample sanitization stations will also be available, and additional health and safety signage will be posted to guide you.

Six-foot parameters are in place throughout campus and new traffic patterns, such as one-way stairwells, will be implemented. Additional health and safety signage will be posted to guide you. In addition, events and group gatherings will remain virtual and recreational spaces closed until further notice.

We are fully prepared to return to a remote work and blended learning environment if needed. If at any point you feel anxious about your health and safety on campus, we encourage you to take online classes. Contact your advisor or advising@rmcad.edu to discuss moving online.

Contact tracing will be conducted with Jefferson County Public Health. In the event of an outbreak, anyone who may have come in contact with an infected individual will be notified by the JeffCo Public Health Department.

Students will be required to report any COVID-19 symptoms so that we can support them with special accommodations and instructions.

All students and employees on campus will receive daily temperature checks, limit non-essential travel, and self-quarantine for 14 days after possible exposure.

We will use a phased approach to bring staff and faculty back to campus, allowing flexibility for continued remote work on a case-by-case basis as needed.


All courses will incorporate online learning to some extent. Some classes will meet regularly, some classes will have a revised schedule with reduced required hours of face-to-face instruction, and some classes will continue in the blended format online.

Classrooms will feature adjusted scheduling around room capacity, social distancing, safety, and traffic patterns. Course sizes will be reduced when meeting on campus.

Fall A schedules will be available to view in the student portal in August, and Student Advisors are ready to assist with changes if needed.

Classes are being audited to give priority to those that have the strongest need for in-person instruction. Above all, we are working to make sure that you and your peers are safe and minimizing risks. Once schedules are released, you can work independently with your Student Advisor to understand how you will engage with your courses.

By the end of July, we will know the status of each individual class. Full schedules will be posted in August for review.

Online classes are still available so that you don’t have to pause your education. Contact your Advisor or advising@rmcad.edu to discuss moving to an online modality.

You can schedule an online meeting with your Advisor at any time to discuss concerns regarding your classes. Email advising@rmcad.edu to schedule an appointment.


RMCADs Campus will employ new cleaning methods that will be performed post classes and after each workday taking place throughout the semester. This process will involve the use of a misting disinfectant on classroom surfaces and technology.

Six foot parameters are in place throughout campus. Within our classrooms, this will mean that many spaces are going to have some modification. One example would be blocking off every other computer in a lab to provide ample space between seats.

All other campus lab procedures are in place and unchanged. As a reminder, please do not modify cables or stations in any way.

Some Campus classrooms will be outfitted with cameras to allow students attending the course to utilize a teleconference software to participate in courses that are in session. Faculty will receive additional training to utilize this equipment during the week of August 31.

Six-foot parameters will be in place in communal offices. If you would like further clarification on your unique space, contact your manager.

The cafe will be open and food will be available, however you will need to place your order in advance and practice social distancing in the cafe area. Seating will be limited.

The Grab and Go will be available with a new touchless system.

Masks may be removed to eat, however they must be worn immediately before and after eating.

Social gathering areas and lounges will be accessible, however they will have new layouts and distancing guidelines in place to minimize capacity.

Tours will continue at a limited capacity at specific intervals throughout the day to maintain a safe environment for both the campus community and visitors.


Your Financial Aid will continue to be awarded based on your enrollment status and FAFSA eligibility. If there are any changes to your Fall schedule, your awards will be adjusted and you will receive a new award letter.

Contact Tracy Craven at tcraven@rmcad.edu to discuss your work study position.

You can reach your advisor by phone or email using the directory below. If you aren’t sure who your advisor is, please email FinancialAid@rmcad.edu for assistance.

Active Students:
A – G: Cat Correa: ccorrea@rmcad.edu, 303-225-8611
H – O: Shannon Alexander: salexander@rmcad.edu, 303-225-8611
P – Z: Patricia Johnson: pjohnson@rmcad.edu, 303-567-7346

Future Campus Students:
A – G: Carrie Slauson: cslauson@rmcad.edu, 720-643-4213
H – O: Sandi Ruby: sruby@rmcad.edu, 303-567-7293
P – Z: John Klocek: jklocek@rmcad.edu, 303-567-7343


At our off-campus housing partner, The Regency, move-in will be the weekend of August 14, 2020. If students are unable to honor their lease term for any reason at the Regency due to COVID-19, they will need to give the Regency 60 days notice to have their lease terminated. For more general Housing FAQ’s like where to live and how to find a roommate, visit rmcad.edu/housing.

Social gathering areas and lounges will be accessible, however they will have new layouts and distancing guidelines in place to minimize capacity.

Events and group gatherings will remain virtual until further notice.

The Mine will be open to students in need of food items and supplies, however, will follow social distancing guidelines to limit the number of people in the space at one time. Access may also be limited to certain hours during the day. 


Students presently utilizing long term blended learning checkout equipment picked up from campus and the TECHBAR must return that equipment on or before September 8, 2020.

You may return that equipment in one of two ways:

1. You may bring your technology to campus yourself. You will need to call the front desk at 303.753.6046 before you come to campus to alert them to when you will be arriving with your equipment.

2. If you are unable to come to campus, we can send you a box with a prepaid shipping label to mail your equipment back to us. Contact techbar@rmcad.edu for details.

Checkout processes will continue during the fall semester following standard procedures with the additional note that this process will take longer than usual to account for more detailed cleaning practices.

The TECHBAR will be leveraging the mobile application and a queueing process on walk in assistance requests in the space. The called and queued users will be allowed in the TECHBAR two at a time.

Users can sign up on the mobile app qr code to attain a place in line then wait in the Rose Cottage Cafe nearby for a TECHBAR work study to call your name.

Users without the mobile app may request their name be taken, but we are asking for all users who are able please download the RMCAD Mobile App.

Any students coming in for assistance in the TECHBAR should expect an extension on the time it will take to resolve issues to allow for the cleaning of equipment before assistance.

If you do not want to have your equipment disinfected, the TECHBAR will be unable to assist with that request.