Gallery Events: See RMCAD Faculty and Alumni at Work

Engaging in the local art community is an excellent way to network, get inspired, and grow as an artist. There is a lot going on in Denver, which can make it easy to miss some of the great events that are happening around town. Accordingly, we’ve provided a completely unbiased list of must-see shows that may or may not feature RMCAD faculty, staff, and alumni.

10x – 10th Anniversary Retrospective Resident Artist Exhibition

2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO
Runs through April 1

10X is an exhibition that celebrates ten years of RedLine’s Artist-in-Residence program. The show currently occupies the entire 29,000 square foot building (inside and out) with the works of over 86 resident artists and alumni.

Contributing artists include RMCAD staff and faculty members Amber Cobb, Andrew Huffman, Clark Rickert, Gretchen Marie Schaefer, Jaime Carrejo, Jeff Page, Jennifer Miller, Justin Beard, Libby Barbee, and Theresa Clowes, as well as alumni Alicia Ordal and Dmitri Obergfell.

A Leaden Stride to Nowhere

Gildar Gallery
82 S. Broadway, Denver, CO
Runs through February 17

Fine Arts alumnus Zach Reini recently opened a solo exhibition, A Leaden Stride to Nowhere. The exhibition includes works that Reini created using a mechanical device to draw images on canvas, exploring the machine’s attempt at autonomous movement, and creator’s strive for precision.


David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street, Denver, CO
Runs through February 24

Stages is an immersive installation created by RMCAD faculty member Tobias Fike. Described as a “full sensory experience incorporating sight and sound elements in performative collage,” Stages was inspired by a fleeting memory of light casting shadows of trees through the windows of his family’s house. The installation “presents a holistic memory, collaged and layered elements as they would be in life set out for the viewer to piece together their own ethereal landscape.”

Divided: Race and Identity in Modern America

McMahon Gallery
2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO
Runs through March 4

In this group exhibition, artists explore themes of race, identity, power, and division and the links between them in modern America. Divided: Race and Identity in Modern America includes photography work from RMCAD alumna and Student Life Coordinator Tya Alisa Anthony, along with artists Michael Brohman, Michael Dixon, and Françoise Soulé Duressé.

Abstract Immersion

Sandra Phillips Gallery
47 W. 11th Avenue, Denver. CO
Runs through March 10

Abstract Immersion is a group exhibition hosted by the Sandra Phillips Gallery, featuring work from four artists. RMCAD Fine Arts alumnus John Morrison and RMCAD faculty member Ania Gola-Kumor, along with artist Jessica Loving and Sue Simon, contributed work to the exhibition, which explores diverse paintings in abstraction.

Pink Progression

Canyon Gallery
1001 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO
February 16 – March 24

Pink Progression, an exhibition hosted by the Boulder Public Library, was inspired by the global women’s marches that took place in January, 2017. The exhibition will highlight work of over thirty local artists who will use the color pink as a unifying element.

Contributing artists include RMCAD staff and faculty members Tya Alisa Anthony, Ania Gola-Kumor, Irene McCray, and Lauri Lynxxe Murphy. Pink Progression will have a simultaneous exhibition at the Denver Public Library from March 2 through June 29.

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Image: “Possibilities,” installation by Theresa Crowes at RedLine’s 10X exhibition.