21. The Universe Is Hilarious (ft. Theodore Davis)

Theodore Davis is an Artist-Philosopher who believes that philosophy, when manifested as an art practice, creates an opportunity for the artist to justify and defend their own creative best practices. He let us pick his brain about different types of philosophy, questioning the world around us, and the reasons why artists and designers need to care about philosophy.

Artist Bio:

Theodore Davis is an Artist-Philosopher, trained and educated in North America. Having studied
modern western philosophy at the University of San Diego and San Francisco State University
he now attends the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. The science of philosophy,
as a second order discipline, generally produces papers. Theodore’ claim is that aesthetics can
also become a viable pathway toward a robust art practice. Philosophy when manifested as an art
practice creates an opportunity for the artist to justify and defend their own creative best
practices. His body of work universally strives to add to critical aesthetic discourse in a way that
builds and empowers, rather than dismantle and disrupt. Theodore’ artistic artifacts are intended
to compliment an aesthetic tradition which advances social equanimity through critical aesthetic discourse and art practice.

You can find Theodore on IG: @DURTSEUQ and @durtseuq.com

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