30. Biscuits or Cornbread? (ft. Jack Ludlam)

Jack Ludlam is a photographer who utilizes both analog and digital mediums. His work (mostly still-life) use a hyper-realistic aesthetic to highlight unique details and flaws. Sharing a wealth of information on every part of the process, from techniques to subject selection, Jack speaks openly about his experiences in the world of fine art photography.

Artist Bio:

Jack Ludlam is a midwest raised, Colorado residing photographer with a focus on medium format still life imagery. Utilizing both analog and digital mediums, Jack’s work tends to highlight details and imperfections in a hyperrealistic yet minimal aesthetic.

Jack graduated from Regis University in 2013 with a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis on analog photography. Since graduating, Jack has created work that bridges the gap between fine art and commercial imagery. His photographs can be found anywhere from the labels that cover The Family Jones sprits line, to nationally run Home Advisor commercials.

See more of Jack’s work at jackludlam.com and follow him on Instagram @jackludlam.

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