Certificate in 3D Animation

Character Animation




3D Animation - Character Animation is a technical art based on the mastery of state-of-the-art 3D computer graphic software combined with more traditional artistic disciplines. This particular art form relies heavily on a wide array of tools, methods, and procedures that are always evolving and constantly in demand among studios and industry professionals. Those certified in 3D Animation - Character Animation are able to produce and manage the many complicated creative tasks associated with creating animated films. This Certificate-level (18) credit hour program is designed to focus on the main technical and artistic roles required in 3D Animation careers.

This program is designed for students seeking an artistic career in 3D Animation. It’s also well-suited to professionals of all levels in the animation creative, design, and business aspects of the industry seeking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen an existing skill-set—particularly in the areas of concept and story development as it relates to character animation.


  • Fundamentals of Animation
  • 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies
  • 3D Character & Production Design
  • Game Animation + Motion Capture
  • Advanced Character Creation Methods
  • Advanced 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies


  •  Previsualization Artist
  •  Pre-Production Support Artist
  •  Production Director

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