Certificate in 3D Animation

Pre Production




3D animated filmmaking is a creative art based on the disciplines of compelling storytelling and convincing communication. This particular art form relies on conceptualization, writing, and visual representations of ideas to guide the complicated processes of producing animated films and visual effects. This Certificate-level (18) credit hour program is designed to focus on the pre-production strategies and tactics of 3D animation required prior to actual animation production. These classes give students a design foundation and encourage creative leadership and critical thinking skills to innovate new stories, ideas, and visual designs in the 3D animation realm.

Students will learn about 3D animation through a series of courses in storytelling, filmmaking, cinematic structure, and storyboarding. They will study the fundamental principles of traditional and 3D Computer Animation, such as character development, environmental design, and scriptwriting to effectively pre-visualize an animated film.


  • Introduction to Animated Storytelling 
  • Fundamentals of Animation
  • Creative Visualization
  • Digital Painting for Film and Games
  • Animation Sound Design + Video Editing
  • 3D Character + Production Design


  •  Character Animator
  •  Animation Modeler
  •  Animation Rigger

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