Certificate in




If you love photography and are interested in classes to help you learn more about how to turn your passion into a career, we offer two emphases within our Photography Certificate.


The Certificate emphasis in Photography provides students with a focused skill set addressing key elements of the profession. Coursework emphasizes client needs assessment, digital post-production, industry standards, ethics, and importantly, creating compelling and communicative imagery. This affords students with the creative, technical, and business tools to thrive in the marketplace.


The Photojournalism/Documentary Photography’s emphasis provides an intensive course of study for students interested in pursuing professional goals in the industry. Through assignment-based coursework, students will make compelling images with strong and pointed narratives, study ethics as they pertain to stylistic and creative approaches, and ultimately begin to build a portfolio with a high value of communicative content. Students develop a skill set in executive visual communication and gain the creative and business dexterity needed to become successful professionals in this area of study.


  • Post-Production

  • Industry Standards

  • Narratives

  • Ethics

Credits from these emphases can be applied to a BFA in Photography. When it’s time to take that next step, RMCAD is the place to start.

Ready to take your certificate to the next level? Find out more about the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Program.