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Professional Practice Class Show: Disequilibrium

6:00 PM
Friday, Jan 30th

Emerging artist Marie Weimer presents Disequilibrium, an exhibit examining the relationship between migraines, motion, and light. Disequilibrium opens January 30, 2015 at Edge Gallery 3658 Navajo Street and runs through February 15, 2015. The gallery hours are Friday 6 -10 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 1-5 p.m.

About the Exhibition:
Disequilibrium is part of our experiences and memories; we have all felt unstable at some time in our lives. For instance, migraines are an overwhelming sensation that makes lights, sounds, and movement intense and debilitating. The disequilibrium migraines cause in our body affects our experience of the world and enacts the urge to shut everything out in order to relinquish its hold on our reality. Migraines are a somewhat common occurrence for me and I became interested in recreating the experience of a trip I took to the airport with a migraine. This experience is a disorienting memory of bright lights, cars, movement and everyday sounds that seemed louder than usual; there was no place to rest from the noise and debilitating lights. Focusing on everyday objects and capturing fragments of them with sound and video helped me convey the sensation of the migraine which often makes people more susceptible to motion sickness by affecting eyesight. The motion in my photo series Volatile Motion shown alongside the video Migraine establishes the connection of migraines to motion in an experimental process that is dependent on light, time and sound. The process of long exposures allows for interesting lines, abstraction of the human figure, transparency and layered textures. These elements of migraines and motion go hand in hand with their distortion of the usual day.

About the Artist:
Marie Weimer is a BFA candidate for 2015 at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design majoring in Photography and Video. Weimer began her interest in photography at Pickens Technical College during her junior year of high school. Since graduating high school she has been focused on exploring various mediums to inform her work further.



Nihil Exhibition

Thursday, Nov 6th to Wednesday, Dec 10th

The Philip J. Steele Gallery invites you November 6-28, 2014 to Allen Hampton's Nihil exhibition. The exhibition will commence with an opening reception Thursday, November 6, from 5-8 p.m. An artist talk will take place the following day, Friday, November 7, at 11:30 a.m. in the Mary Harris Auditorium.

About the artist:
Allen Hampton was born in 1982, in Birmingham, Alabama, where he spent the first 23 years of his life. He attained a Master's degree from the University of South Florida, and currently resides in the Tampa Bay area. Allen has exhibited in much of the United States, as well as overseas. Allen’s work focuses on a constant need to confront and understand that which does not make sense. Each piece attempts to present itself as a binary of thought processes. The works are bipolar, carrying within them feelings of extreme importance and utter uselessness. They are fully aware of their potential and impotence. Their only substantial mission is to communicate, simultaneously, each opposite end of their individual spectrum as well as the immense confusion that results from harboring such contradictory views. It is this confusion that parallels Allen’s own existence and impetus for artistic creation.

Over the past few years, the common thread running through all my work has been the personal discomfort that comes from living as what I call a “simultaneous dichotomy.” I use this term to describe an object, or person in my case, that possesses the polar opposite qualities of any qualitative spectrum at the same time. I constantly fight with myself, struggling for progression through confusion and misunderstanding. I am simultaneously hubristic and self-deprecating, right and wrong, righteous and worthless. But one thing I am not is unique.

My work has always been focused on introspection and the knowledge that can be gained through the deconstruction and analysis of the self. With this show, however, I have taken that introspection, and the resulting aggression and angst that comes from it, and turned it towards the viewer. I aim to attack intentional (and prideful) ignorance and lack of true empathy. In an age where every child is inundated with the idea that he or she is a unique snowflake, a gift unto the world, it is only through true self-deprecation that we can find objectivity, understanding, and empathy. Only through an acceptance that we are all awful, awful creatures, can we realize that there is only one sad pathetic snowflake, reproduced endlessly into oblivion. And in this acceptance we will find a universal sadness for our brothers and sisters, and for ourselves, that will allow us to create a humble utopia from a prideful dystopia.



Biennial Faculty + Staff Exhibition

Thursday, Oct 9th to Wednesday, Oct 29th

The Philip J. Steele Gallery invites you Thursday, October 9 from 5-8 p.m. to the opening of the 2014 Biennial Faculty + Staff Exhibition, Even After Everything.

The rich, creative accomplishments of our online and on-campus faculty and staff serve as a strong foundation for our college. The exhibition showcases art and design works created by members of our RMCAD community with themes that range from investigations into the peculiarities of nature to art commissioned for Mercedes-Benz.

We also invite you to join us for two gallery talks, where the exhibition's artists give students and the public an in-depth look at the process and philosophy behind their work. Hosted in the Philip J. Steele Gallery:
Monday, October 20 at 11:30 a.m.
Thursday, October 23 at 1:30 p.m.