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Career + Alumni Services offers current students and alumni a variety of resources and services including career planning and assessment, professional development workshops, assistance with the Passport-employment/internship job board,  access to networking and career related events and much more!

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Experiential learning experiences such as an internship allows students to gain hands-on industry experience, knowledge, and networking in their prospective field. Students can participate in Internships for Academic Credit, or Non-Credit bearing Internship for Professional Experience. For more information on internships, please contact

  • Schedule an Internship Information Session with Career Services.  (Career Services will provide the official internship documents)
  • Eligibility- Junior or Senior status (exceptions are subject to approval). Internship sponsor must meet program approval.
  • Verify eligibility and plan for participation with your Academic Advisor as Internships are only required in some degree programs, however it may be an option to take as an elective.
  • Internship for credit can be paid or unpaid.  All internship sponsors must meet the criteria articulated in the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as the following:
    • The position must be a learning experience directly related to your academic field of study.
    • At least 80% of the position must consist of professional work assignments related to students’ majors and/or career goals.
    • An experienced professional with expertise in the content area of the internship must be assigned to supervise/mentor the intern. This person trains the student as needed, monitors and evaluates the student’s work performance.
    • Company/Organization must be a legitimate established business located in commercial space. (Home based businesses will not be approved due to liability).
    • Interns must work in a safe work environment that is free of harassment and discrimination.
    • Interns should have access to equipment, supplies, and space necessary for the intern to perform his/her duties.
    • If a confidentiality agreement is required, it must be stated in the job description upon posting.
    • There are no requirements for the student to pay the employer in any form for any part of the experience.
    • A performance evaluation is required at the mid -term and end of the semester.
  • Students must complete 135 hours in order to earn 3 credits.
  • Students completing 270 hours can earn up to 6 credits (subject to approval).
  • Internship curriculum and assignments vary with each degree program.
  • Students must be registered for the Internship prior to the start of the term in which they will be participating.  Hours worked prior to the start of the term they are registered will not count toward earning credit.
  • Schedule an Internship Information Session with Career Services.  (Career Services will provide the official internship document that acknowledges your are enrolled in the institution and that you are not receiving academic credit for participation)
  • Students with current enrollment status are eligible to participate in an Internship for Professional Experience at any time of the year.
  • Ensure company (sponsor) does not require academic credit to participate.
  • Professional Experience Internships can be paid or unpaid. All internships must meet the criteria articulated in the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Gaining experience in your prospective field before you graduate is helpful especially in the transition to a full-time position upon graduation.
  • Some students have already met their elective requirements and do not need academic credit, but want to seek out experience.


Visit the Texas building 326 to make an appointment with Career + Alumni Services. Current Students and Alumni can also make online and in-person appointments through the PASSPORT Career + Alumni Services Portal under Career Advising.

Office hours:
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. by appointment

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