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The RMCAD Purpose is meant to lead and steer the decisions of the College into the future. It provides a road map for stakeholders of how the College will live and achieve its mission. Additionally, it sets goals and plans in accordance with the College’s mission, vision, and values. 


  • To deliver an exceptional educational experience.
  • To grow responsibly with a focus on our student experiences and outcomes.
  • To research and develop proactive and effective support to student success which will prepare students for a multidisciplinary career as well as equip them with business acumen, critical thinking, and technology skills.
  • To promote and strengthen a culture of inclusiveness to support an exceptional learning environment, student success, and an open and united community.
  • To leverage its campus and online resources strategically and promote a culture of institutional accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness and to support continued growth.
  • To strengthen opportunities for employee/faculty professional development, focus on employee/faculty retention, and support its culture impacting its holistic community and the institution’s mission, vision, and values.
  • To strengthen and promote community service and public good as a central pillar to student learning, employee engagement, and the greater RMCAD community.
  • To advance a comprehensive data strategy where data will guide the institution’s decisions making process.

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