Course Schedules + Electives


2023-2024 Academic Course Schedules & Electives

Please be aware that course schedules and electives are subject to change! Section offerings are based on needs and enrollment levels each term. We target having minimum course enrollments of 12 or more students. However, there may be a variety of reasons where we allow lower enrollment.

2023-2024 Academic Schedules

Please utilize the links below for a full look at currently planned, upcoming course schedules by term. Then, work with your Academic Advisor to adjust registration for courses.

2023-2024 Course Electives and Liberal Arts offerings

Please use the links below for a full list of available electives by term. We recommend planning ahead as much as possible to increase the likelihood of electives meeting minimum enrollment requirements. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss further.

Final course/elective offerings are determined approximately three weeks prior to the start of each term, and will be updated here accordingly. Term schedules/electives should not be considered final until then.

Students must meet prerequisites in order to register for specific courses.

Students also may have the opportunity to take electives not listed OR from a program outside of their own. Please reach out to your Academic Advisor for more information. Program Department Chair approval is required.

For more details about program degree requirements, please visit Programs by Department in the Academic Catalog (change the catalog year to match the year in which you started your current program).

For information on a recommended program course path, please view the 4-Year Degree Plans by Department in the Academic Catalog (change the catalog year to match the year in which you started your current program). 4-Year plans are not available prior to 2021-2022. You can work with your Academic Advisor to create a customized degree plan to track your completion toward graduation. Academic Advisors and/or your Program Department Chair can assist with questions about program requirements.


RMCAD waitlists are primarily used by the Office of the Registrar and Academic Operations as an administrative process to manage section enrollments and provide an opportunity for students to be enrolled in a full course if a seat becomes available. Students who may be waitlisted will be added to sections based on who was enrolled on the list first once seats become available. Waitlist status does not count as enrollment, and does not count toward any type of financial aid enrollment status. RMCAD works to ensure that enrollment in courses is as accurate as possible so that we can adequately staff sections and ensure strong enrollment for an excellent student experience. RMCAD works with students to ensure that they can fulfill requirements and make progress toward graduation. RMCAD staff are not able to enroll students in alternate courses while they are waiting to see if a waitlisted course becomes available. RMCAD uses a variety of strategies to manage administrative waitlists to ensure that students are enrolled in courses before billing periods for each term. Waitlists are cleared three weeks before the start of each term.

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