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Video: Learn 2D and 3D Animation at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design!
Play Video about Video: Learn 2D and 3D Animation at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design!

Animation is the art of bringing life to an otherwise lifeless form. It is the merger of technology, artistry, and storytelling at its finest. Throw in today’s advanced technology and you have virtually unlimited possibilities to create something special. Learn 2D and 3D Animation Online at RMCAD!

Online Animation Program Overview

As an Online 2D or 3D Animation student, you’ll explore the field of animation at every level. You’ll hone your skills as an animator, from storyboard to completion, with online training that prepares you for the real world of professional animation production. Our BA in Animation degree online courses provide students the kind of attention and support that allows them to blossom as artists while keeping up with the top industry trends and innovative tools for professionals.

The Animation Online Degree is focused on helping students understand how to use the technical skills and techniques they’ve learned to create original animation and compelling narratives. You’ll not only graduate with an incredible portfolio, you’ll leave RMCAD with the ability to communicate through animation production. 

3D animated scene of a girl in a boat speaking to a giant water serpent.
RMCAD Animation student holding a laptop, surrounded by animation software UI and art.
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Online Animation Program Highlights

Modeling (3D)

Students develop skills to equip them for entry level 3D modeling work at various studios.

Texture Mapping (3D)

Students create appropriate textures for the shot, whether realistic or stylized.

Character Design

Students demonstrate artistry, unique voice, conceptualization and process including thumbnails, comps and character designs.


Students create storyboards and animatics that give a sense of style and timing for a full animated production. 

Observational Drawing

Students demonstrate strong drawing, composition, anatomy, color and perspective skills.

Line of Action

Students develop a solid understanding of the importance of posing characters, which will translate into stronger and more believable character animation.


Students demonstrate a thorough knowledge of animation fundamentals and believability in motion, timing and structure. They also develop an eye for noticing subtleties of motion.

Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts curriculum is an exciting part of every student’s academic and creative journey at RMCAD. These courses provide the opportunity for students to engage with complex questions and ideas to develop critical thinking skills, a global consciousness, and awareness of art historical foundations that are essential for their intellectual, creative, and personal growth.

Global Consciousness

The curious engagement with communities, perspectives, and narratives that do not match our own offers the opportunity to see one’s personal and creative role in our local, national, and global communities. 

Critical Awareness

The willingness to ask questions and resist easy answers & simplistic dualities offers the opportunity to more clearly understand the complexity and multifaceted reality of history, creativity, and human communities. 

Information Literacy

The ability to read closely, critique freely, and seek additional verifiable information offers the opportunity to more holistically discern the veracity of the information that inundates our lives.

Online animation Degree Requirements

Our Online Animation Program with an emphasis in 2D Animation or 3D Animation is focused on helping students develop their unique, artistic voice. You’ll learn essential 2D and 3D animation techniques and tools while you collaborate with talented artists from all walks of life.

Tech + Tools

In the world of animation production, the most important tool you need is your imagination. Where RMCAD’s 2D animation degree online program focuses on traditional drawing techniques, our 3D animation degree online classes allow your computer skills to take the main stage—with your stylus and high-res computer taking on the lead roles. If you want to learn the latest computer-generated imagery (CGI) techniques, this program is designed for you. 


Animation Careers

Are you ready to become an animator? RMCAD’s Online Animation Degree helps equip you for success in the following roles.

Potential Career Paths

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Animation Faculty

RMCAD’s dedicated faculty has the experience and insight to guide you to the finish line.

Animation Events

There’s always action in animation—check out the latest happenings.

Student Benefit Partnerships

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