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As a graduate of RMCAD you automatically become a member of the RMCAD Alumni Association.  There are no membership fees associated with membership.  The Alumni Association offers graduates the following resources:

Graduates of RMCAD’s BFA degree programs may audit (attend without grade or credit) most current course offerings within their original degree program with no cost for tuition.

One-on-one discussions or workshops offered on campus, archived online, or resources on topics specific to: Resume, Portfolio, Interviewing, Networking, Job Search, Sourcing Internships, and Post College Professional Life.

Your gmail account will still be live and active.  You will continue to receive alumni information, newsletters, and updates at this email address unless you’ve given us an alternative email address on the graduation survey.

Discounts at the RMCAD SPECTRUM Supply Store and the bookstore website (currently 5% off books and 10% off other supplies). 

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What is RMCAD Renew?

Graduates of RMCAD’s BFA degree programs may audit (attend without grade or credit) most current course offerings (online or on campus) within their original degree program with no cost for tuition.

  • Alumni may take courses that start with their major’s course prefix. For example, Animation Alumni may take any course labeled with “AN”.
  • Alumni may take a Renew course in their home program’s area of specialization, including courses outside their original area of specialization. For example, an Illustration student who specialized in Concept Art may take a course in Children’s Book Illustration. Similarly, Art Education students may take a Renew course within any of the program’s areas of emphasis.
  • Alumni are responsible for any tool kit, supplies, books, or software charges.
  • Internships are not available for RMCAD Renew participants.
  • Auditing courses is subject to enrollment and space availability.
  • Alumni must be in good standing with the College, as detailed in the Admittance / Acceptance Policy in this Catalog.
  • Alumni may take courses on-ground or online, provided those courses are within their original major course prefix(es).
  • Alumni may not audit courses through Renew to complete work for professional purposes. Renew is for educational advancement only.
  • Alumni may audit 1 course per 8-week term through Renew, not to exceed 3 courses in any calendar year.
  • Alumni must meet the same course requirements as an enrolled student, and adequate performance in Renew courses is required. Faculty reserve the right to request dismissal through the Department Chair, the Dean of Students, or the Vice President of Academic Affairs if the enrolled Alumnus is not meeting course criteria including attendance and participation.
  • Alumni attending on-ground courses must purchase a RMCAD Alumni ID Badge at the current cost. This ID card will have similar but limited access to campus buildings and future events.
  1. Contact The Office of Career + Alumni Services to request course enrollment up to two weeks before session start date. Career + Alumni Services will provide you with the RMCAD Renew Registration From.
  2. Complete RMCAD Renew Registration form and submit to The Office of Career + Alumni Services.
  3. The Office of Career + Alumni Services will process the Renew Request with The Registrar’s Office. (**note: please be patient as it takes time to confirm course availability)
  4. Alumnus will then be notified if Renew course was approved or declined. Notification will include next steps to obtaining an alumni pass if taking course on campus, or steps to ensure they have access to the LMS.

How to Participate

Alumni have many opportunities to contribute to the development and future of RMCAD.  Here are a few options on how you can continue to contribute and participate:

  • RMCAD Alumni Association Board
  • RMCAD Alumni Event Guest Speaker
  • RMCAD Alumni Mentor
  • Alumni Spotlight in the Alumni Newsletter
  • Participation in RMCAD Events
  • Promotion of current artistic endeavors
  • Alumni Gallery
  • Continuing to keep us updated on your Career

Alumni Updates

RMCAD’s Career + Alumni Services wants to stay connected and help you grow in your career even after graduation! We are eager for our alumni to get more involved in the RMCAD community as well, so please click on Alumni Update so we can see where you are, what you’re doing, and how we can get in touch with you in the future. Your time is greatly appreciated and we hope to be in touch!

Click here to view alumni success stories, archived VASD lectures, and more!

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Alumni Visiting RMCAD Campus

All RMCAD Alumni visiting campus (that do not possess an alumni pass) must first sign in at the Campus Reception Desk. A visitor’s pass will be issued.


Visit the Texas building 326 to make an appointment with Career + Alumni Services. Current Students and Alumni can also make online and in-person appointments through the PASSPORT Career + Alumni Services Portal under Career Advising.

Office hours:
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. by appointment

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