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Student Involvement



College is a great time to discover new interests, meet new people, and build life-long relationships. Whether it’s joining (or starting) a new club, exploring off-campus, educating yourself on a new topic, or connecting with the Denver arts community, there are infinite ways to get involved!

RMCAD students doing yoga outdoors on the lawn


Designed to Inspire + Educate

Our wide variety of student-led clubs and organizations provide opportunities for social and recreational activities, as well as valuable networking and professional development experiences. Join or start a club today to develop additional skills outside of the classroom and to connect with others over shared interests.


Peer Mentoring, Community Building, + Civic Engagement

The Student Ambassadors serve as peer mentors to new students, plan events for the entire student body, and organize projects that give back to our community. Applications open in the Spring semester each year.

RMCAD student ambassador meeting on campus with younger students.


Also Known As The SLA

If you’re an active member of the RMCAD community, you can develop your leadership skills by joining The SLA. Gain practical experience, develop your professional skills, and prepare for life after college by working closely with RMCAD staff and faculty, the Student Life Office, and the Student Body.


Give Back to Those In Need

By partnering with local organizations and nonprofits, the Civic Engagement Program at RMCAD gives students the opportunity to apply academic knowledge, diversify skill sets, collaborate with larger entities, and build meaningful connections that will last long after graduation.

RMCAD student involved in civic engagement



Every term, students have the opportunity for additional learning outside of the classroom. We call these opportunities “Sidequests.” A term commonly used in gaming, sidequests are additional adventures that allow our students to gain resources alongside their primary journey. Look for these badges to signal that you are on a Sidequest for more learning.

Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes

  • Discover professional advice from the RMCAD community and creative professionals.
  • Apply career preparation skills to job-seeking experiences.
  • Identify where to find career and professional development-related resources.
  • Connect art and design to broader social, political, or cultural contexts.
  • Encounter diverse perspectives, experiences, and creative methods.
  • Articulate a detailed plan for the presentation of art and design work in a professional gallery exhibition.
  • Execute the installation or presentation of art and design work in a professional manner and setting.
  • Select appropriate research tools in support of academic studies and research.
  • Recognize how to set specific and realistic academic goals.
  • Use interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence in the cultivation of meaningful relationships.
  • Model ethical awareness, cultural sensitivity, and inclusivity.
  • Incorporate thoughtful and informed decision-making in personal and professional practice.
  • Create and modify digital design files for digital fabrication using relevant software.
  • Understand the properties and characteristics of various materials used in digital fabrication for appropriate selection.
  • Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines while operating equipment.
  • Experiment with new materials, processes, and technologies.

Co-Curricular Learning Activities

  • Wayfinding
  • Career Fair
  • Employer Information sessions
  • Career Services Workshops
  • Internship Informational Session/Pathways
  • VASD Artist/Designer Talks + Student-Led Q+A
  • Gallery proposal + Installations
  • Club + Organization Membership
  • New Student Orientation
  • Explore Colorado Program
  • RMCAD Day of Service
  • FabLab activities
  • Library study groups
  • Art History Check-In events

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