MAY 9, 2019


The Radiance Awards are a celebration of individuals from the RMCAD community whose achievements have made an impact in the art and design world. Held on May 9, 2019, the inaugural event will include a ceremony honoring the award recipients and the opening of the Radiance Award Gallery, followed by a reception. 



The RMCAD Radiance Award celebrates and recognizes accomplished RMCAD alumni that have made significant contributions to the creative industry. These inspirational honorees exemplify professional excellence in their field and a commitment to RMCAD’s philosophy of lifelong learning in the arts.

Honorees will receive an award of $1,000, an addition to the Radiance Award Gallery, full coverage of transportation and accommodation costs to attend award ceremony events in Denver, and a seat on the selection committee for future awards.

  1. Honorees graduated from RMCAD no less than 10 years ago.
  2. Honorees currently work in the art and design field.
  3. The inductee has a history of professional accomplishment in these areas:
    • Significant contributions to the creative industry:
      Their work has made a noteworthy addition to a renowned creative industry projects such as major films, national and international design projects, solo exhibitions at national art or design institutions, recognizable companies, brands, and organizations, etc.
    • Professional excellence in their field: 
      The inductee and/or their work has been recognized by venerated sources such as notable media and press coverage, awards, grants, residencies, etc.
    • Commitment to RMCAD’s philosophy of lifelong learning in the arts:
      The inductee represents a passion for ongoing education as reflected in their work which is culturally relevant, on the leading edge of technology, and well versed in current creative industry trends.


The RMCAD Legacy Award recognizes individuals of distinction who’s life and work embodies the RMCAD philosophy of lifelong learning in the arts and who make meaningful contributions to the campus, community, and creative industries. This award is selected by the nomination committee. Recipients are awarded annually at the Radiance Awards ceremony.