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Alumni Spotlight: Paul Juno

“I Graduated from RMCAD in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Illustration, quit the retail circuit and moved to Los Angeles to begin fresh. Within days I began working at another grocery store, then worked as a painting instructor/entertainer for a bit until finally making the leap into unemployment/freelance. After the leap, artwork went from a ‘hobby’ to the real deal, and I’d like to think that the work becomes a tad more fine-tuned when given the luxury of time. I rented a small art studio in central downtown Los Angeles named The Little Tokyo Art Complex. The exterior of the studio has my first Los Angeles mural on display to the public, a continuously painted landscape that I have worked on for the last two years using various recycled paints.

I am proud of this mural, not only for its prime location, but because it is recognized by the Los Angeles Downtown Artwalk and the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. This mural allowed me to work at a scale that canvas doesn’t offer. From working on this mural, I was contacted by renowned artist Andre Miripolsky to be his first assistant on his master work—an entire building mural in Pomona titled ‘Pomonacopia.’ This Middle School art building is 11,000 square ft. of stucco wall. In one month, with a team of six people, we completely covered the building with 70 gallons of paint and 50 cans of spray. It was a very fun project and one that shows just how important public art can be—it is certainly the field I want to pursue. I am fortunate enough to live each day differently, and the bipolar atmosphere of LA’s art scene keeps artists on their toes, which is something I’m very interested with. I am painting and drawing every day, for no other reason than to do it, and that is the real reward.”

Visit Paul’s website: pauljunoart.com.


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