Raul Ramos

Creating Creatures and New Worlds with RMCAD Alumnus Raul Ramos

RMCAD alumnus Raul Ramos took an interest in art at an early age. He’s also had a lifelong passion for animals and dinosaurs. Now, as an illustrator and concept artist, Ramos gets to combine those interests through his work.

During his time at RMCAD, Ramos earned an internship at Dire Wolf Digital, an independent strategy card game studio that has created a number of popular games, including Pokémon TCG Online and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. After graduating from the Illustration Program in 2012, he was hired by the company. Now, he works as a concept artist, creating creatures, characters, and environments for online trading card games and tabletop games.

Designing otherworldly creatures comes naturally to Ramos, who has spent much of his time as an artist studying nature and animal life.

“Whenever I get a chance to create something, I try to look at it from a scientific angle,” Ramos said. “I’m thinking about the anatomy. I’m thinking about the function of the character in an environment.”

The result is dynamic imagery that brings excitement and intrigue to the games he plays a part in creating.

Hear more about Ramos’ work, his experience at RMCAD, and how his education shaped his process as an artist in the video below:


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