Earn fun prizes by attending school events with RMCAD Rewards

There’s a buzz going on around campus and chances are it is probably your phone! Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design is thrilled to announce the launch of RMCAD Rewards – a prize system that allows students to redeem their rewards based on the number of events they attend.

Here’s the overview of how it works. Students check in to events while using the RMCAD mobile app. As students continue to attend events, they unlock new prizes. The catch is… well there is none. In fact, your attendance adds up over time, allowing you to redeem that RMCAD mug you’ve always wanted while saving up for those AirPods at the same time! Click here to see the app in action. Similar to a point system, RMCAD Rewards tracks your attendance. What makes this different, however, is that your tallies are cumulative and do not reset to zero when you collect your prizes.

All students are encouraged to learn more about RMCAD Rewards by clicking here. Below are some simple FAQs that further explains the process.


What is RMCAD Rewards?
A program that rewards students who actively participate in RMCAD events. This applies to all students on campus and online. You must have the RMCAD mobile app downloaded to participate.

How do I check in as an on-campus student?
Every event will have a QR code where you can check in using your mobile app. If you are unsure where it is or how to use it, the event organizer will be happy to help you.

How do I check in as an online student?
Most of our bigger events such as Wayfinding and VASD are livestreamed. Before the presentation begins, there will be an open image on the screen for you to check in with your mobile app.

Where is RMCAD Rewards in the app?
When you login, click “Spectrum The RMCAD Store” and you will see “RMCAD Rewards.”

Where can I find upcoming events?
On the main page of the mobile app, you will find “RMCAD Events” under the “Happening Now” section. You can also access events on our website by clicking here.

What are Milestone Reward Tiers and how do they work?
Milestone Rewards are rewarded based on the number of events you attend. For example, Milestone Rewards are granted after the first, second, fifth, and tenth events. Once you attend your tenth event, you become eligible for the first set of Tier Choice Rewards which will grant one of the selection of Tier Choice Rewards per reward. Click here to learn more about prizes.

What types of prizes are we talking about here?
What starts off as a bumper sticker (one point) or mug (six points) eventually turns into AirPods (150 points) to Oculus Go VR Headset (250 points) and much more!

Do my points rollover into the next year?
Yes. Your points will always be your points as long as you are a student!

How do I claim my RMCAD Rewards?
Every week, you will receive an email from campustech@rmcad.edu that will communicate if you are qualified for any new rewards. Prizes can be claimed at the RMCAD School Store SPECTRUM, or after the end of a Wayfinding or VASD event. 

I attended an event but forgot to check in, what do I do from here?
In order to have a point added to your account from a past event, you will need to provide proof that you were there as this is based on the honor system. To get this resolved, please contact campustech@rmcad.edu.


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