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Five Reasons to Spend Summer With RMCAD

Summer school gets a bad rap. In fact, for many RMCAD students, summer is the best time to be on campus (or online). There are a ton of benefits to continuing school during the summer terms, from enjoying student activities, to building important connections.

Here are five reasons to consider taking summer classes at RMCAD:

1. Have Fun

Each year, Student Life puts together a bunch of events exclusively for summer students. Activities include weekly barbecues (aka free lunch), field trips to go horseback riding, camping, and other outdoor adventures, Summer Solstice Week, and more.

2. Get Connected

Because there is a smaller population of students on campus, attending summer classes allows you to interact even more closely with instructors, your advisor, and fellow peers. Whether you want more one-on-one instruction time in a studio class, or just want to interact with other students in a chill environment, summer at RMCAD is a great time to make those connections.

3. Stay on Track

Every artist knows that consistency is key when it comes to personal growth. Taking at least one class during each summer term can help you stay consistent in practicing your craft and keep yourself motivated on the path to graduation.

4. Maximize Scholarships

Are you a RMCAD scholarship recipient? Depending on your scholarship terms, you may be able to continue receiving aid during the summer—even if you drop to half-time status during the Summer A and B terms.

5. Enjoy Flexibility

Whether you’re heading home to see family, or have big travel plans, you can still enjoy the benefits of being a summer student with RMCAD. Taking a class online gives you the flexibility to learn wherever you are, on your terms.

Listen to what other RMCAD students have to say about the benefits of summer courses:


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