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Helping Community Through Civic Engagement

Spreading paint and joy over the Denver community, RMCAD students have been volunteering both time and talent as part of the Student Services’ civic engagement initiative. The two most recent projects have involved brightening the corridors of the Windsor Health Care Center with landscape portraitures, and designing the Whittier ECE-8 School’s walls in time for their open house.

In hopes of improving the lives and spirits of residents of the Windsor Health Care Center, social worker Laura Frawley reached out to Student Services for help in beautifying the nursing home’s walls. RMCAD responded with the artistic and altruistic drive of nine students. Even members from RMCAD’s executive team— Senior VP of Business Development Frederik Leuheusen and CEO Chris Marconi (along with his son, Nico)—joined in on the project. The landscape portrait’s beautiful outcome owes thanks to the following participants:

Niña Angelica Caballero
Peyton Ashcraft
Sandra Busby
Jade Phillips
Daria Boniek
Annie Gibson
Dailen Ogden
Skylar White
Eamonn Aldrich

Whittier ECE-8 School is the location of RedLine’s ArtCorps—a grassroots movement to reclaim the arts in public school education. ArtCorp member Amanda Flores proposed enlivening some of the school’s walls in anticipation of its oncoming open house. This opportunity provided a fantastic juncture for RMCAD’s civic engagement work, RedLine and local public education. The project took a total of about 15 hours to complete. The following participants were involved:

Eamonn Aldrich
Peyton Browning
Sandra Busby
Fernanda Garcia
Jade Phillips

ArtCorps members:
Amanda Flores
Terrence Spain

Mel Kern, RMCAD’s Student Life Coordinator, feels that the student volunteers get as much out of the experience as those who enjoy their art. “Getting our students involved in community service projects and civic engagement opportunities is extremely exciting, as it not only benefits those participating by bringing them closer together and making them a stronger team, but it also instills a sense of culture into their learning.”


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