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painting of a woman biting a yellow finger

Jenny Morgan Featured Of The Cover of Juxtapoz

RMCAD is proud to congratulate Jenny Morgan, whose work will be featured on the cover of the September issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. This feature marks a new milestone of her success as an industry-shattering portraiture artist.

By navigating the shielded dimensions of her subjects’ personalities, Morgan’s work illuminates daring portrayals of the psyche less seen. Her ability to tap into a deeper, eerily reminiscent side of the self has earned her brushstrokes features in publications and exhibitions across the country.

Artist and journalist Kristin Farr describes Morgan’s work in the article with strong praise:
Adding something fresh and necessary to the genre of portraiture may seem impossible, but in that realm, Jenny Morgan is crushing it. Don’t label her paintings figurative or photoreal. Her extraordinary skills for rendering the human figure are beside the point. Layers of the unconscious are revealed in the reductive abstraction of her portraits. As she grinds away at physical and metaphorical surfaces to uncover a spirit, an honest representation of “the feels” becomes visible. Many can approximate likeness, but no one can expose the soft center of the human core quite like Jenny Morgan.

Morgan’s fearless technique transcends beyond the canvas and into her life as an artist taking on New York City. Committing to her dream and her paintings means there’s no punch clock to distinguish work from play. “When you’re an artist, you don’t really separate your career from your [art]…it’s a very personal path.”

A valedictorian graduate of RMCAD’s Illustration department, Morgan graduated from RMCAD in 2003.

To read an excerpt from the Juxtapose article, click here. You can also view Jenny Morgan’s comprehensive portfolio site here.


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