Lea Greenwood shares her graphic design journey as a rmcad alumna title

Lea Greenwood shares her graphic design journey as a RMCAD alumna

From tarot card creations to animal-inspired illustrations, RMCAD alumna Lea Greenwood strives to be creative in everything she does. Greenwood graduated from RMCAD in the Spring of 2016 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Since then, she has returned to RMCAD to work in the Student Learning Center as a Learning Center Coordinator and tutor. We recently sat down with the artist to talk about her graphic design journey from student to staff member.

Cat illustration for RMCAD's manager retreat
Lea Greenwood's illustrations for RMCAD's Manager Retreat

Tell us about yourself and what you studied at RMCAD
I was born and raised in Denver, CO and I decided I wanted to pursue my education at RMCAD to become a graphic designer. I’ve considered myself to be a creative person my entire life. I’ve always loved drawing which pushed me to pursue my passion. When I first toured the RMCAD campus, I fell in love with the charming atmosphere and have enjoyed being a part of the community ever since. Returning to work as a Learning Center Coordinator allows me to continue to support students and everyone that works here.

How did you find your creative style? How do you recommend other students find theirs?
My style is mostly from developing a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to creating my work. I get a lot of inspiration from various artists and gather a list of what techniques they use that I like and dislike. From there, I choose what to implement into my own work.

I recommend that students find what type of designs they like. I like to tell people that one of the first steps to being a good artist is having good taste. I always use the analogy of eating food: A lot of times we know what we like to eat and what we don’t like to eat, so use that as your creative palate. It can take a lot of work to actually apply those methods. For me, it just comes down to practicing as often as possible and not being afraid to open yourself up to the critique of others. The way other people see your artwork can be quite different from how you see it. Sometimes you’re your own worst critic, but sometimes it can be really challenging to see elements of your work after working on it extensively.

What did you enjoy most about being a student at RMCAD?
I really enjoyed working after-hours on campus on projects that I was trying to pull through on. Whether we were in one of the labs in Texas working on 3D packaging or going through a final presentation in Epic, some of my fondest memories were studying alongside other students and participating in some of the same projects.

Do you recommend tutoring for everyone?
Those that I tutor regularly at RMCAD are some of the most talented and hardworking students at RMCAD. I think there’s a misconception that students that come to the SLC are failing or struggling in any way. Instead, they are showing initiative for their education. When I was a freshman, I didn’t know the SLC existed and it wasn’t until my junior year when I got hired to work in the SLC I realized what a great resource it was. When you visit the SLC, we are here to help. At the end of the day, you aren’t given a grade, instead you are given the proper tools to support you in your educational journey.

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