President’s Update: Spring A 2022

Dear RMCAD community, 

Welcome to 2022! If you are new to the RMCAD community, we welcome you to the place where creativity comes to life. Whether you are an online student studying from your basement or a faculty member who comes to our campus five days a week, you chose us to be part of your creative livelihood. We are so grateful you are here!

While the start of 2022 has been a challenge with the Omicron variant, we still have many things within our community to celebrate. But first, I want to thank each of you who took health and safety seriously as you came to campus on a daily basis and followed our campus COVID policies. Through these efforts, we have been able to keep our campus a safe and healthy place for all.

We started 2022 with a celebration of creativity as we applaud our graphic and illustrative design students for winning an award from the Ad Club of Colorado. Congratulations to Allison Heistand-Phelps, Ben Matthias, Oscar Ambriz, Josue Salto, and Falon Thrash. The team produced a project for Empire Gardens last fall as part of our campus Design Systems course taught by Professor Shelby Huckabay.

You have continued to pave the way for innovation and excellence both inside and outside of the campus. And, I am positive that our founder, Phillip J. Steele’s belief that, “Artists and designers have the power to impact our world in profound ways,” has never rang more true. Now, more than ever, your impact in the world and in our community is profound and needed.

Continuing to pave the way is our class of 2021! They entered the next phase of their creative journey and are now embarking on their own paths.They will forever be part of our community and always welcome back. We love hearing their experiences, learning from them, and we love seeing them back in the classroom as participants in our “Renew” program.

One of our alumnus, Delia Lara who is 87 years old, recently contacted us to showcase her work. This is just one example of our students’ lifelong pursuit of creativity. We love hearing what our alumni are up to and celebrating your creative pursuits. Update us on where you are at and what you are doing here.

Soon, we will be sending surveys to each of you as we are interested in your ideas and your feedback. Please take the time to let us know what you are thinking as we are constantly ideating on how we can make Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design a better place where creativity comes to life.

I look forward to celebrating more of your successes with you throughout the rest of the year and watching your innovation and creativity grow.

Best wishes in 2022 and stay creative!

Warmest regards,
Brent Fitch
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design


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