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RENOWNED Calligrapher Yunn Pann Visits RMCAD

Renowned calligrapher Yunn Pann paid a visit to the RMCAD campus to demonstrate her techniques and teach students about the art and history of Chinese Calligraphy. She joined students in Kealey Boyd’s Skills and Methods in Chinese Painting History course to discuss various forms of Chinese Calligraphy and help students hone their own skills. Pann demonstrated symbols ranging from dragon to tiger and encouraged students to practice the techniques she demonstrated in both large and small-scale formats.

Pann’s lesson contributed to the Skills and Methods in Chinese Painting History course, which aims to provide groundwork skills in conducting research in the study of Chinese painting history. The course emphasizes resources standard to the study of early periods. Students examine medium (silk, paper, mounting, ink, color) in conjunction with relevant sinological tools for provenance. The calligraphy workshop with Yunn Pann was intended to test theory by putting it into practice. By working with the materials and Chinese characters, the students better understood calligraphic theories and disciplines and pure physicality of the art.

Yunn Pann is a Shanghai-born artist and instructor. She is known for her fascinating brush strokes and her energetic teaching style. Pann currently resides in Boulder, CO.

RMCAD instructor Kealey Boyd joined RMCAD the Fall of 2011. She wrote and launched Skills and Methods in Chinese Painting History in spring 2013. Boyd completed her graduate work at the University of Chicago in 2010 with a focus on Chinese painting and calligraphy from the Yuan dynasty. After graduate school she continued Mandarin language studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing. In addition to teaching at RMCAD, Boyd has worked with the Denver Art Museum’s Asian Art department, Metro State University of Denver, Arapahoe Community College, Colorado Academy and the Chicago art gallery, Pagoda Red.


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