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RMCAD Interior Design Student Wins People’s Choice at ASID Colorado Event

What would you do if someone gave you a box of crayons and told you to build something new? That was the challenge placed before RMCAD Interior Design student Andrea Guevara when she entered ASID Colorado’s Annual White Box Challenge.

Each year, 30 competitors are given a box of mystery items to incorporate into a design. The final pieces are then juried by a group of judges to determine a winner. Guevara took second place overall in this year’s competition and also received the People’s Choice award.

Her award winning design? A gummy bear-themed light fixture. Her process involved a lot of trial and error, and a little inspiration from her family.  

Once Guevara received the materials, she did some initial brainstorming and research. “I spent a week just thinking about what to do with them,” she said.

Then she experimented with the crayons, grating, chopping, and melting them to see how the material could be transformed. The final inspiration—her child’s sweet tooth. Guevara decided to create the light fixture for her bedroom featuring one of her favorite colorful candies, gummy bears. 

Guevara melted the crayons and poured the wax into gummy bear-shaped molds. She then cast them in several layers of resin to create the base of the lamp. Finally, she added a decorative shade and a smart color-changing LED light bulb to complement the vibrant colors of the gummy bear design.  

This sort of competition is perfect for Guevara, who said she enjoys both the creative aspect of interior design, as well as problem-solving.  

“An interior designer is a person who can solve problems regarding space and function, but also a person who has the skills and knowledge to think outside of the box and create beautiful pieces.”

Based on the results of the competition, Guevara succeeded in achieving this goal with her project.


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