this is a sign billboard

RMCAD Launches "This Is A Sign" Billboard Campaign

For the months of July, August and September, RMCAD billboards will be visible on popular commuter routes in Denver. The billboards play with a double entendre by reading,
that you should pursue your creative passion.

The idea for the billboards sprung from the notion that creative individuals feel an internal magnetism to art and design. By reaching commuters who may not feel creatively fulfilled by their existing careers, the campaign intends to provide a solution for individuals interested in changing their professional direction.

July’s billboard will be visible on N Santa Fe Drive near 2nd Avenue. In mid-August the location will change to 8th Avenue, east of Santa Fe Drive. In September, a RMCAD billboard will be visible on Lincoln Avenue.

If you feel called to pursue your creative passion, visit our admissions page or call 800.888.ARTS


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