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RMCAD student shares uplifting advice to current and new students about Blended+

At the start of Fall A, RMCAD enhanced the college student experience by switching to it’s Blended+ format where students can reserve facility time on-campus while working and studying in a safe environment. Graphic Design student, Ryan Hruska is one of our many students who have made the needed adjustments to continue exceeding in the e-classroom. While working in our Blended+ format, the artist has taken his focus into our Lighting I Fundamentals class. You can say that photography is Ryan’s next passion after graphic design. We asked Ryan a few questions about what current and future students can expect with Blended+:

What do you enjoy most being a graphic designer?
Whether it be through the creation of graphic elements or tackling design questions head-on, being able to help others is what motivates me as a graphic designer. 

Why did you decide to pursue the graphic design program at RMCAD?
I originally never intended to pursue an education at RMCAD. That changed after visiting the campus. I came out to support my brother—a brilliant and creative illustrator—during a campus tour during the fall of 2018. I was still pursuing a web design program at a community college back home during the time. I fell in love with the beauty of the campus, the commitment of the faculty, and the quality of education that RMCAD had to offer. I filled out an application that very same day and started classes during the spring of 2019.

As a Graphic Design student, what do you enjoy most about our new Blended+ experience and returning to campus?
I appreciate the school’s commitment to our safety during this unprecedented time. They have done an outstanding job enforcing safe social practices and keeping the labs and facilities clean. Having the ability to come on campus has allowed me access to tools and technologies that I would otherwise not have access to at home. With the addition of Blended+ learning experience, I feel more confident in completing assignments in my online graphic design classes.

What advice do you have for new students based on your Blended+ experience?
Starting classes as a new student during this time can be confusing and stressful. As someone who has struggled with online classes in the past, I am grateful for the Blended+ experience that RMCAD is offering. Being able to join guided classes via Zoom and engage with my classmates, as well as having access to the facilities on campus, has made me feel connected once again. I strongly encourage students, both new and current, to take full advantage of the Blended+ experience until the return to on-ground classes.

Looking back now, what advice would you give yourself as a high school student getting ready to start at RMCAD?
If I were given the chance to travel back in time and prepare my high school self for my experience at RMCAD, I would certainly tell myself to better engage with the activities, clubs, and resources that the school has to offer. As a new student, I felt somewhat lost and confused. After joining clubs and getting to know other students, I felt like I had the support that I was searching for.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
My experience using the Blended+ facilities on campus has been great. Being able to use them once again is exciting and has helped me become better involved in my online classes. Reserving the facilities through the RMCAD App is both easy and convenient, and the faculty and staff on campus were helpful in assisting me with questions. I am grateful for the Blended+ format that is offered this term, and I am excited for a full return to on-ground classes soon.

As you can see, Ryan is passionate about his education as he prepares for his creative career, so check out some of his work samples below! You can follow all RMCAD COVID-19 updates by clicking here.

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