RMCAD students show off their sustainable designs in Meow Wolf's "Absolute Rubbish" Fashion Show.

RMCAD students show off their sustainable design in Meow Wolf’s “Absolute Rubbish” Fashion Show

Meow Wolf Denver proudly showed off RMCAD Fashion Design students Grayson Nite and Ann Moorman’s sustainable design in the organization’s first ever in-house fashion show, “Absolute Rubbish: A Trashion Show.” Their look, titled “Clicks per Minute,” was inspired by the waste of the fast fashion industry. Specifically, how social media influencers can promote overconsumption of clothes leading to increased global pollution. We sat down with the two designers to chat about their experience exhibiting in one of Denver’s most-visited art museums.

RMCAD students Ann Moorman and Grayson Nite posing with their model
Ann Moorman (left) and Grayson Nite (right) posing with model Crystal Minjarez (center).

Tell us about yourself and what interested you in pursuing a career in Fashion Design?
Ann: I’m a Denver native and a sophomore Fashion Design student at RMCAD. I’ve always loved sewing, and a lot of my influences come from my grandma, who was a home-economics teacher. She taught me to sew when I was just eight years old. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in fashion and had the opportunity to enroll at RMCAD in 2022. My career goals are to pursue technical fashion design, because I really love the technical aspect of fashion design in terms of sewing and how to put things together and develop the garment.

Grayson: I’m also a Denver native and Fashion Design student at RMCAD. Five or six years ago, I started to get extremely interested in fashion, and during the pandemic,  I taught myself to sew and made a resolution to go back to school. After researching different institutions, I enrolled at RMCAD as a Fashion Design student in 2022. Like many fashion design students, I would like to have my own design company one day, but I would also just be happy to be in a designer role.

What does it mean to you to be accepted into Meow Wolf’s “Absolute Rubbish: A Trashion Show?”
Ann: I was very surprised and excited that we got accepted into Meow Wolf’s show, since the organization is prestigious and it’s a very popular local attraction. The exposure and portfolio experience we have received has helped ourselves grow as designers like we never thought possible. When we received the news, we were both shocked and very happy.

Grayson: It means the world to me to represent RMCAD with our skills as designers. I honestly had no idea whether we would get accepted or not and when we did, it was really cool. There was a moment of thinking, “alright, let’s actually figure out how to make this thing the best it can be.” All in all it has been exciting but also nerve wracking.

Model posing on the runway of Meow Wolf's fashion show
Crystal Minjarez posing on the runway of Meow Wolf's "Absolute Rubbish: A Trashion Show."

How have your classes at RMCAD prepared you for the show?
Ann: I really feel like my 3D Design class at RMCAD prepared me well for this project because we had to work with materials like rebar and tie wire. It was challenging to be able to think about how the different pieces would look together in a 3D space with recyclable materials. Additionally, my other fashion design classes prepared me extremely well for this project. Specifically, the Fashion Industry Survey because it’s really about how you need to think about the proportion and the balance of your garment.

Grayson: Since both of us are sophomores at RMCAD, we are just now starting the actual technical construction classes at RMCAD. We started this show at Meow Wolf before we had a ton of knowledge of technical technique. It really helped us out that we were working with alternate materials in the show. We didn’t have to worry about the technical stuff of sewing that I’m not that familiar with yet. It was extremely nice to have all our fashion teachers at RMCAD to consult with any questions.

What advice would you give to students looking to get involved with projects like this?
Ann: Resist the imposter syndrome. Never feel like you’re not good enough of a designer to actually enter into shows or exhibitions. If you get accepted, you’ll grow a lot and learn even more. Just try for every opportunity if you can because it can really help students like me build their resume as a professional artist. Jump in and try because you never know what opportunities might stick.

Grayson: Sometimes you might get a feeling that you’re not qualified enough for certain opportunities. You might think of the problems that might arise and even convince yourself not to do it. I’m here to say, just go for it. That’s why we’re in school. What have you got to lose? The worst that will happen is you will get a no and then life just goes on anyway. RMCAD does a great job of letting students know about events or opportunities, so be sure to take advantage of that.

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