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Top 10 Reasons To Enroll In Summer Classes

10. Special on-campus events during the summer

RMCAD becomes a summertime oasis with afternoon BBQs, a massive slip-n-slide, arts and crafts events on campus, and even a Professional Practices Workshop Series available only to summer students!

9. Avoid fees and get stuff for free

Who doesn’t love free money? Based on your enrollment status, you could get up to $100 in credit to Spectrum, the RMCAD store. Your $375 facilities/tech fee will also disappear like a mirage if you take classes on campus. See your advisor for more details.

8. You don’t have to take classes all summer

With the new eight-week format, you get three chances during the summer to start classes. You can take a vacation and get an education, or you can release your inner over-achiever and take classes all summer long!

7. Open up space in your fall schedule for more electives

Check those general education requirements off your list!

6. Special classes are offered in the summer

Summer is a special time – so we offer special classes. Always wanted to learn calligraphy? Now’s your chance. Animal anatomy? We’re teaching that too – but only during the summer!

5. Your landlord doesn’t take the summer off

If you’ve rented a place around here, chances are that your lease goes through the summer. Don’t waste money terminating your lease or hassle with moving. Stay in your home, take classes and avoid cleaning your apartment!

4. Your favorite instructors will be here

Don’t you want to keep them company? They’ve made themselves available because they care about your education. You don’t want to let them down, do you?

3. Take classes from anywhere

You don’t have to be on campus to take classes. If you enroll in online courses, you can take classes poolside, on top of a mountain, at your grandma’s house or in an underground cave, if you’re into that.

2. Complete your degree on time or early

Being a student at RMCAD is awesome. But taking too much time off delays graduation. Don’t let your friends leave you behind as they graduate.

1. You love RMCAD, and RMCAD loves you

It’s sappy, but we’ll miss you if you go. We think that there’s something special between the two of us and we want to stay together. RMCAD is your school. You picked us above all the rest. Let’s share some summer love.


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