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newlywed alumni shares their RMCAD experience
February 3, 2023

Newlywed alumni shares their RMCAD experience

Alumni, Blog, Fine Arts, Interior Design

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we invited newlywed alumni couple, Dalton and Ashlyn, to share their experiences as graduates of RMCAD. From their first time on campus to walking the stage at graduation, these two artists are truly...

Becoming an expert sketch artist one step at a time
June 16, 2022

Becoming an Expert Sketch Artist One Step at a Time

Artist Tips, Blog, Current Students, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Illustration, Illustrative Design

Sketching is the art of translating real life onto paper. Becoming an accomplished sketch artist is highly important, no matter what art form you practice. Almost every degree at RMCAD, from Fashion Design to Game Art, requires...

Rolling with it - Printmaking 101
May 3, 2022

Rolling with it – Printmaking 101

Blog, Fine Arts, On Campus Events

Carve. Ink. Roll. Repeat! The method of printmaking is one satisfying process. Don’t believe us, keep rolling (or scrolling). Printmaking has been around for centuries and involves transferring an image or creation from one surface to...

November 10, 2020

Interview with RMCAD Alumni Kaitlin Ziesmer

Alumni, Blog, Fine Arts

Kaitlin Zeismer is a RMCAD Alumni (2010) who studied Fine Arts, with her degree emphasis in drawing, painting, and photography. As an artist living and working in Denver, she’s worked over the years on projects including various...


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